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Quick Results: PWX Pure: One

Quick Results: PWX Pure: One 4/21/18

Pure One

The future stars of Premiere Wrestling Xperience were on display when we opened the doors of our new home, Hebron Hall to the public for the first time and the future looks bright!!! The unique, intimate confines of the new home base of PWX played host to several young, hungry talents looking to work their way up to the main roster and this was just the beginning!

Cam Carter defeated Sean Legacy

Kevin Ray defeated "Tie Dye Sunrise" James Johnson

Devin Cruise defeated Robyn Golphin & Zuka King in Triple Threat Action

Beastly Brody defeated Josh Powers via Knockout

"Classless" Mason Myles defeated Mister Sleaze

Marcus Kross & Slim J defeated High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented)

Shea Shea suffered a serious injury breaking three bones in his ankle during this match. We here at PWX want to wish Shea Shea a speedy recovery!

PWX Innovative Television Champion "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart defeated "The South's Best Kept Secret" Chip Day to retain the Championship in a special main event


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