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Due to JD Drake being unable to compete in the 2022 X16 Tournament there was a vacant spot open. Always one to step up, the PWX World Heavyweight Champion Jon Davis arose and inserted himself as the 16th entrant into the tournament. Not only did he step into the 16th spot, he also stated that he would put his title on the line in every match he participates in to show that he is the most dominant champion in the history of the company.

So for the first time ever not only will the reigning PWX Champion take part in the tournament, but he will have to win the 2022 X16 Tournament in order to leave Charlotte, NC on March 26th still the World Heavyweight Champion.

This is definitely a unique dynamic and a first that makes this monumental tournament one of the most important in the history of the company. The Champions first task is to get through the PWX newcomer Bojack.

One of two things will happen. The Champion will prevail and move to his second title match of the tournament or Bojack will be crowned the new PWX World Heavyweight Champion and defend it in the second round.

All we can promise is this will be the most dynamic and interesting X16 Tournament ever!