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5 Questions: Tracer X


Tracer X (credit: John Moses)
Tracer X (credit: John Moses)


5 Questions: Tracer X



       Everyone has their favorite and least favorites in the world of professional wrestling and PWX is no different. PWX fans are loyal, fierce, outspoken and have no problem making it known how they feel about you as soon as you step through the curtain. One such talent has really come into his own in recent months, with a standout performance on a PWX Pure Preshow, and two straight victories in as many months. The latest victory earned him a coveted spot in November's X-16 Tournament! In' 5 Questions' we'll learn more about the members of the PWX Wrestling roster both inside and outside of the ring. So, THROW YOUR X UP!! This is 5 questions with Tracer X (Twitter: @TracerrrrrX)


  1. Who are your dream opponents? "That's a good question. I'm not really a guy that has a list of guys he wants to work, I probably should. I just take the matches I'm given. In the last year I've been in the ring with guys I never thought i would get a chance to. But if I had to pick 3 guys: Paul London, Matt Sydal and Trevor Lee. I alternately would want redemption matches against Mr. George South and Anthony Henry."


Tracer X (credit: John Moses)
Tracer X (credit: John Moses)
  1. What is the best advice you've ever been given in life or the wrestling business? "I've been given some good advice and also some not so good advice my whole life. Just some quick snippets of the good." (that I can remember right now)

"There's yes, no, and not right now and you just gotta pray and trust what God's doing"

"Keep your head up, when you put your head down you lose"

"You can't go using all your markers and then come ask to borrow mine."


  1. What are your hobbies & interests outside of pro wrestling? "Outside of wrestling, I enjoy working out, I'm usually working or at the gym and if I'm not there I'm usually spending my time with my lovely girlfriend."



Tracer X (credit: John Moses)
Tracer X (credit: John Moses)


  1. Who are the biggest influences in your career? “I don’t really have one particular set of influences. People who influence me are guys who were told they couldn't live their dreams. Guys like Michael Jordan and Rey Mysterio that said "watch me" and dared to defy everything standing in their path. I also take influence from music and artists that have faced struggles but have overcome those to become who they are."


  1. What has been the best moment of your career so far? "The best moment of my career? I'm really having to think about these. Every week I always find a new best moment of my career. But if I have to pick one I would say the best part of my career is when I debuted on the main PWX show this past February. I was in a 6 man tag match when the Ugly Ducklings were just starting out. When my team came through that curtain the electricity from the crowd was like one I've never felt before. It was definitely a feeling I want to experience over and over again. But as my career moves forward there's going to be plenty of opportunities for a new best moment."


Thanks to Tracer X for taking the time to sit down with me for '5 Questions' Keep your eye on this talented young man as I definitely agree that he has many, many more career defining moments ahead of him. PWX Fans don't forget YOU can submit your requests of who you'd like to answer 5 Questions next. Tweet our editor Jer Polk @The1andonlyJer tweet us directly @PWXWrestling or get in on the discussion on the official PWX Fans' Page on Facebook!

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