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5 Reasons the losing streak of Mason Maddox is NOT THE Tommy Thomas' Fault

Mason and Tommy


If you are a frequent visitor to the PWX website (and I hope you all are) you may recall an editorial from nearly two months ago where I implored one of the most talented young athletes in indie wrestling to simply LISTEN TO TOMMY!! Mason Maddox is in the midst of a losing streak of epic proportions! Yes, I'm sad to say that since my first editorial, Maddox still has not had a victory and the toll is now over 6 months winless!! What are the reasons that Maddox just can't seem to get things on track? Well there are several, does he listen to Tommy? No, at least not fully but the losing streak of Mason Maddox is NOT Thomas' fault and here are my reasons why.

Editorial by Jer Polk


1- Maddox is facing world class talent:  John Skyler, Corey Hollis, David Starr, Trevor Lee, and Jason Cade. Mason Maddox has taken on some big name competition since his big win at Rise of a Champion X. Tommy can 'download' all of his knowledge to his client, tell him the best ways to win but it’s extremely difficult to beat some of the biggest stars in their prime especially with some of the other factors that play into this six month drought.


2- Personal Issues- This one is not common knowledge to many fans of PWX but Maddox has had his fair share of personal issues in the past few months; backstage tension with some of the locker room, even issues with his training partners. Simply put, his head hasn't been fully in the game, we must remember this is a young kid who has been handed the keys to the car and some people don't take kindly to that.


3) Youthful Inexperience- To continue my point from above, Mason Maddox is only 19 years old. NINETEEN YEARS OLD! and a former PWX ITV Champion and #1 contender to the World Championship. You parents out there know its borderline impossible to tell a teenager on the upswing of his career that he can't do what he wants. Imagine young men like Johnny Manzel & Justin Bieber.  It's very hard to tell a young person who has been given what Mason has what to do.

4) The Fans- This one is fairly self-explanatory, Mason Maddox loves his fans! Always has, and they love him right back! Ever since debuting at PWX Maddox has received a thunderous reaction from the PWX faithful. It's very visible that in the past, Maddox has gotten his energy and drive from the fans cheering him on. They love him and he feeds off of that.


5) Lack of Role Models- This nineteen year old kid was raised in a time where managers were not a major factor in professional wrestling. Cornette, Dangerously, Heenan, Ellering, Dillon, these guys are a mystery to Mason Maddox. He doesn't know how to use an actual manager and it could be argued based on what he saw growing up doesn't think he needs one. Tommy Thomas is the first true manager Maddox has seen up close and personal and the relationship may just not fit or in the least may take some getting used to. One role model (not a manager) that Maddox did have to look up to was Cedric Alexander. Alexander mentored Maddox from Day 1! But Cedric is making a name for himself worldwide with WWE now and while that is great for Cedric, Maddox may be suffering from not being able to gain every last bit of knowledge Alexander had to teach him.


These are just the top reasons why a young man so talented and with a major career in pro wrestling ahead of him finds himself in a slump going on half a year now. We've seen slight improvements over the last few months but none of those improvements have added up to wins and SUCCESS is the only reason Thomas is spending his time on this young man. I can't answer what it will take to get Mason Maddox out of this slump and back on his way to the top of PWX but this is a good place to start and Mason don't forget whatever you do! LISTEN TO TOMMY!


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