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Full Recap: Battlefield X

Battlefield X

Full Recap: Battlefield X


Things were a bit chaotic in and out of the ring as PWX geared up to present Battlefield X 2016. A rambunctious deer caused the Midwest crew of The Viking War Party, Gary Jay, and Davey Vega causing a couple of shakeups to the card but even with the always infamous 'Card Subject to Change' in effect Premiere Wrestling Xperience brought the action in the ring in their return to Hickory. New Champions crowned, The Revolt added a Revolutionary to their ranks, and four men gave the crowd just a taste of what's to come November 19th and 20th at X-16. Let's take a look at a full recap from Battlefield X.


PWX Pure Preshow Match

"The Pride of Bayside" Jacob Ryan, "White Meat" Tyler Gaines, Gil Quest, & TK Stark defeated The E.N.D. (Zuka King & Boss), CB Suave & Big Time Yah

The return of the 'Pure ' preshow matches showcased eight of the best young, up and coming talent in the Southeast in a hectic eight man tag team match. Gaines looked impressive in his second 'Pure' appearance as did Ryan, Quest & Suave. Pure is a division where we've seen guys like James Drake & Tracer X make their way to the regular roster, Could one or more of these guys be next to make an impact in PWX in 2017? 




The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams)

Revolt vs Bullets

Due to the aforementioned accident in the early morning hours of October 22nd The Revolt were left without challengers at Battlefield X but that vacancy was filled by experience, journeymen brother tag team Jon and Trey Williams, The Washington Bullets. The Bullets were impressive here considering they accepted the match with one of PWX's best tag teams on short notice and Jon and Trey Williams nearly pulled out a big victory in their debut. Zane and Caleb have been on a tear recently though and their cohesion as a team seems to only be getting stronger. The cannonball/springboard split legged moonsault spelled the end in this one as The Revolt moved onto other business following their win.

Zane and Caleb addressed the PWX faithful telling them The Revolt was back to business and stronger than ever. Before the night is over all of us would see that their numbers are greater than just the two of them.



'The Governor" Martin Stone defeated Corey Hollis

Stone vs Hollis

Another PWX debut this time for former WWE NXT superstar Martin Stone and Stone picked up an impressive submission victory to make an immediate statement. Hollis has been on a bit of a skid recently and suffered another hard fought loss at Battlefield X. Hollis used every underhanded trick he could to try and get back on the winning track and this was a competitive match but in the end the mat wrestling skill and technical precision of Stone won the day as he locked Hollis in a crossface for the submission victory.



X-16 Showcase

Ethan Case defeated Colby Corino, Tracer X, & Jason Cade

Fly Cade Fly 

"Mr. PWX" Ethan Case hit the ring next and said he and Gary Jay were going to tear it up tonight but three guys in the back were waiting to do just that themselves and he'd like to join them. The inaugural winner of The X-16 tournament proposed an X-16 showcase match and the triple threat was turned into a 4-way. This was a highlight reel match! As promised by Case, all four guys were ready to tear it down and tear it down they did. The action was fast and furious throughout with bodies flying from the opening bell to the closing bell. Colby Corino was impressive in a rare singles match in PWX going toe to toe with the former X-16 winner and nearly pulling out a huge victory. Tracer X showed why he is one of the faster rising talents on the PWX roster as he flipped and flew around the ring. Jason Cade had the highlight of the match climbing to the highest ledge in the venue and diving off onto all of his opponents in a CAN'T MISS moment. In the end it was "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case hitting the Cutter on Cade to get the win and show that he has plenty left in the tank and may just be ready to try and win this tournament once again this year.



Mason Maddox w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated Darius Lockhart

The drought is over! After seven months the youngest PWX ITV Champion in company history pulled out a win and did so over his fellow Highspots blue chipper Darius Lockhart. Things were definitely done "The Tommy Way" in this one as we saw a completely new attitude take shape in Mason Maddox, choking Lockhart on the ropes, taking cheap shots and in the end using a low blow to pick up the much needed victory. This one was highly touted as a match that could feature two of the very best in the Carolinas and it ended up delivering, Lockhart and Maddox were extremely evenly matched and the truth is Darius should have probably won this match and ran Maddox's losing streak to eight months but the post-match craziness ended up being the real story in this one.


 Maddox vs Lockhart

As promised, directly following the match The Revolt hit the ring to induct their new member, Zane & Caleb presented Mason Maddox with a Revolt armband which he accepted as his Client Manager THE Tommy Thomas looked on in confusion but before the deal could be sealed it was Darius Lockhart ambushing Maddox and literally taking the opportunity and the spot in The Revolt as Zane and Caleb added a Revolutionary to their numbers.



PWX Tag Team Championship

Ugly Duckling vs Bravados

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey defeated The Bravado Brothers to win the titles

Much like earlier when Colby Corino competed in singles action, this was the first time we've seen Killjoy and Lude compete as a two man team in quite some time, after being undefeated as a trio The Ducks had earned a shot at the very best in PWX. The PWX tag team champions Harlem and Lancelot Bravado challenged The Ugly Ducklings like they never have been before and Killjoy and Lude were fighting from behind for a large part of the match. The Bravados isolated Lude and he could not make the tag to Killjoy and took the brunt of the punishment from the champs. Lude is resilient and continued to fight eventually making the tag to Killjoy and that's when The Ducks were able to fight the match at their pace, the tag champs were not going away easily however and they battled back until all hell broke loose in the closing moments. Once again, The Revolt made their presence known attacking both teams but they were quickly thrown out of the ring but the newest member Darius Lockhart snuck into the ring hitting both Harlem Bravado and Lance Lude with nasty chair shots. Colby Corino then got involved taking out Lockhart and putting Lude on top for the 1-2-3 as The Ugly Ducklings won the PWX tag team championships in a WILD finish.

Following the match, Harlem Bravado had words for both teams telling The Revolt they would be seeing them again and the new champions that they were coming for their titles.



Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Jon Davis w/ Simon Sez

The Lethal Lovers were in the Halloween spirit early as they entered the ring with morbid face paint, waiting in the ring was one of the largest opponents Henry has had to face so far in the menacing, hard hitting Jon Davis. Davis was a bruiser! He punished Henry with chops, and each and every move left a sickening thud echoing through the building. Henry who had a recent victory over Moose was prepared for the size disadvantage and gave back as much as he got (as he always does). Henry and Young are on a quest to become the King and Queen of PWX and its clear nothing is going to stand in their way. The action spilled to the outside and Henry hit his 'round the ring' running shotgun kick twice but on the third attempt he was caught and dropped hard on the ring apron. Davis followed with an impressive middle rope Jackhammer from the outside of the ring to the inside but somehow Henry kicked out and battled back. There was some outside interference from Simon Sez but the future Queen of PWX did not allow that for long as she too got involved and Henry hit two C.O.D.'s screaming "Best in The World' followed by a frogsplash to pick up another big victory and further strengthen his case for a PWX World Championship match.

 Henry vs Davis


PWX ITV Championship

"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner to win the title

This was a highly anticipated rematch as just two months ago; James Drake came very close to winning the championship giving Gunner his toughest challenge since being champion. The Modern Day Viking came to the ring with a chip on his shoulder, mouthing off to the PWX faithful and this time The New Age Enforcer knocked that chip off his shoulder (and took his championship) As we know ITV title matches are only ten minute time limits and Drake and Gunner got a lot in during that time period. Drake brought the fight to the ITV Champion with a shotgun kick right out of the gate as the two brawled around the outside of the ring. Gunner fired back with kicks and punches but the crowd was decisively on the side of the challenger, Drake always impressed with his arsenal of offense as he hit a running 'Liger Bomb' on Gunner for a near fall but it looked like history may repeat itself as the Champion went back to the gameplan that helped him retain the title the last time these two met. The Modern Day Viking hit a low kick behind the referee's back followed by a spear but Drake kicked out at the very last second! Moments later, The New Age Enforcer climbed the top ropes and hit a picture perfect ‘Moon (pie)sault'  for the win and the ITV Championship.


Trevor Lee defeated Jon Cruz

Cruz vs Trevor Lee

Less than a month ago shortly after advancing to the finals of the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles, Trevor Lee made his return to PWX and qualified for this year's X-16 tournament. In HIckory, Jon Cruz returned to PWX for his first time as a singles competitor and his first time facing Lee one on one. This was a quick, fast paced match as Cruz took to the air with flips and dives bringing the fight to Trevor Lee, Trevor seemed to be more strategic picking and choosing his shots and playing a little bit of 'cat and mouse' with his opponent. Cruz's high octane offense nearly earned a big time victory but Lee's more methodical approached allowed him to wear Cruz down and perhaps take advantage of his gassed opponent locking in a modified STF/crossface to pick up the submission victory and continue his momentum heading into X-16.


PWX World Championship

"The Manscout" Jake Manning defeated Sami Callihan to retain the title

A pissed off 'Death Machine' stormed through the curtain with his mind set on winning his second PWX World Championship, Callihan was not impressed with the PWX Champion's prematch antics and was just ready to fight! Callihan told the champion "It wasn't happening tonight" and attacked the champion taking the fight immediately outside as this one turned into a brawl really quickly. Manning quickly realized this was not the time for fun and games as he was in for a fight and Callihan's in your face attitude may have actually helped The Manscout find that second gear to battle back against The Death Machine. This one was fast paced and one of the quicker PWX World Championship matches we've seen in quite some time, Manning is fighting on a whole other level in PWX since winning the championship, Callihan did not go away easily at all, it took two piledrivers but once again the man famous for being 'Under 4 Life' retained his PWX Championship in an effort to prove that his title reign is no flash in the pan, he wants to represent the company as champion for a long time to come.

 Jake vs Sami



Premiere Wrestling Xperience presents the 2nd annual X-16 tournament November 19th & 20th LIVE from Club Escapade VIP in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tickets are available NOW! www.pwxpro.com/live Take advantage of VIP limited seating for BOTH nights $75 which includes 'Prime Seating' in the middle row 1 (hard cam side) and a special photo op with yourself and the tournament winner following night 2 of the event. Already announced to be a part of the X-16 Tournament are:


*WWE Cruiserweight Classic Standout & UK phenom Zack Sabre Jr

*Former ROH athlete and current Impact Wrestling superstar Davey Richards

*Former UFC Fighter and EVOLVE athlete Matt Riddle

*Inaugural X-16 Tournament Winner Ethan Case

*Anthony Henry

*Trevor Lee

*Martin Stone

*James Drake

*Tracer X

*Jason Cade

*Darius Lockhart


Be sure to follow @PWXWrestling on twitter, 'like' the Facebook page and the X-16 event page for more announcements on participants and other matches in the coming weeks. Also come back to the official PWX website in the coming days for a new edition of 'Heightened Xperience', 5 Questions with your favorite PWX athletes and a lot more content.



Photo Credit: John Moses

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