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Full Recap: PWX Redemption

Full Recap: PWX Redemption


Former PWX Tag Team Champions went to war in an unsanctioned last man standing match, a first time ever 1 on 1 matchup produces a genuine match of the year candidate, and three men survive triple threat matches to claim their spot in November's X-16 Tournament. PWX Redemption was another hot show from start to finish. The hottest trio in professional wrestling turned away their biggest threat yet to remain undefeated and Caleb Konley and Zane Riley once again the Revolt! interrupting the scheduled PWX World Championship match. Let's take an in depth look at a pivotal show for Premiere Wrestling Xperience.


X-16 Qualifying Match

"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated Jeff Lewis Neal and AR Fox to advance to the 2016 X-16 Tournament

 James Drake and AR Fox

Once again, Drake took his spot! It seems each time we see The New Age Enforcer he has a new trick to pull out of his bag, more on that later as James Drake had his hands full to advance to the X-16 tournament in PWX newcomer Jeff Lewis Neal and the amazingly talented AR Fox. JLN drew the ire of the PWX faithful immediately and throughout the match but didn't let it phase him and put on a nice performance, Fox dazzled the crowd with his agility and quickness but it was Drake's combination of power, technical prowess, and all-around game that would earn the first spot in November's X-16 tournament.  Fox kept both his opponents off balance with his quickness and high flying and even survived a ‘Moon (pie)sault' for a near fall, Jeff Lewis Neal smartly picked his battles and nearly stole the match a time or two. Just when you thought you'd seen it all from James Drake, he hits a suicide dive to the outside stunning AR Fox!! Shortly thereafter, Drake hit JLN with "The Drill Bit" (Cradle underhook neckbreaker) for the victory and claimed the first spot in X-16.


The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, & Colby Corino) w/ Coach Mikey defeated The Carnies (Tripp Cassidy & Team IOU Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)

The party came to Gastonia next as The Ugly Ducklings and Coach Mikey always bring the good times with them, this time however the celebration was cut short as The Carnies attacked before the bell. Iggy, Awful, and Cassidy relentlessly attacked Lance Lude, tagging in and out and isolating Lude in their corner and for the first time in a long time the ducks were in trouble early. Lude finally managed to tag in Corino who came in full of energy but was cut off by Team IOU and the trio of carnies isolated Corino not allowing him to tag and had now worn down 2/3 of the hottest trio in professional wrestling. Cassidy hit a tombstone piledriver, Awful hit a whoopee cushion, Iggy laid in kicks and strikes as Coach Mikey lead the crowd in thunderous "QUACK!!" chants. Corino finally freed himself and made the tag to Killjoy who turned the tide of the match in his team's favor and things really broke down from there. Bodies were flying, kisses were landing (Coach Mikey planted one on Tripp Cassidy) and things were chaotic, just the way The Ugly Ducklings like it. A scary moment came next as Colby Corino went for a dive to the outside and found nothing but the cold, unforgiving floor of the Gastonia Armory as well as several jagged chairs to break his fall. Back in the ring Team IOU hit the "Force Destroyer" on Killjoy and Lude and it looked like the win streak would come to an end. Once again though the DUCKS CAME TOGETHER, Corino recovered, Lude and Killjoy hit the "Ducksday Device" on Kerry Awful and Corino put Cassidy away as The Ugly Ducklings remained undefeated in PWX. Following the match Killjoy and Lude offered a handshake to Team IOU who obliged but got more than they were looking for as the ducks dipped and kissed their opponents to end the match!

 Ugly Ducklings vs Team IOU

X-16 Qualifying Match

Trevor Lee defeated Jason Cade and Mason Maddox w/ THE Tommy Thomas to advance to the 2016 X-16 Tournament

 Tevor Lee vs Mason Maddox

Another big opportunity was on the line next as 2016 Battle of Los Angeles Finalist Trevor Lee battled Mason Maddox who needs a big win (or any win really) and Jason Cade who was brought back to PWX after an impressive first performance last month in Charlotte. Cade was excellent in this one again, he's really comparable to AR Fox at that point in Fox's career and puts it all on the line to pull of some incredibly daring, high flying moves. Maddox is still having some issues listening to Tommy Thomas, you can see Maddox doesn't agree with all the advice he's being given but a win is a win and Maddox has not had one of those in SIX MONTHS. Trevor Lee is obviously a household name to most indy wrestling fans and this was his first time back in PWX in several months, Lee looked even better than the last time we saw him in earning his way into another prestigious tournament with a big victory here at Redemption. Cade and Maddox thought for a second about teaming up on Lee but Trevor hit a double dropkick on both of them and it became every man for himself at that point, Maddox played it the "Tommy Way" for a while avoiding most of the action as Cade and Lee went at it but Maddox chose his spots well and nearly earned a birth into X-16, in the end it was a miscue by THE Tommy Thomas who mistakenly pulled the ankle of Maddox allowing Lee to hit a jumping knee for the victory. Following the match, Thomas berated Maddox for yet another loss and Maddox looked like he'd had enough but again Maddox did not challenge his client representative as the two returned to the back with the loser's share of the purse once again.


PWX World Heavyweight Championship

"Manscout" Jake Manning (c) fought Joey Ryan to a No Contest

"The King of Sleaze" returned to PWX with a big opportunity as the second challenger to Manning's PWX Championship but Ryan seemed more interested in having fun, oiling himself up, and having the PWX Champion "touch it". Very shortly into the matchup The Revolt came out to mock both men, especially their former friend Jake Manning. Manning told Zane and Caleb that he and Ryan had no animosity towards one another and proposed a tag team match right here and now! "The Old Stags" (Manning and Ryan) versus The Revolt! Joey Ryan agreed, as long as he got to be Matt and our tag team match was on.


The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated The Old Stags ("Manscout" Jake Manning & Joey Ryan)

The Old Stags hit The Young Bucks pose to kick this one off and a brawl erupted between all four men, Manning and Ryan got the better of it for a short time but soon The Revolt had the PWX World Champion isolated and worked him over. Zane and Caleb used every shortcut they could to punish their former friend including ghost tags behind the referee's back, and taunting Ryan allowing for double teams as they had the PWX World Champion right where they wanted him. Manning has been a different person since winning the championship and he battled back and got the tag to Ryan who came in and gave Manning a breather as he handled both Konley and Riley momentarily. Manning got himself back into the match and the hijinks began, Ryan used his superhuman genitalia to flip Konley, Riley went for the 'thumb in the bum' suplex only to have that thumb end up in his partner's and his own mouth, and then Riley enjoyed a blow pop that had been in Joey Ryan's crotch the whole match! It looked like The Old Stags were going for a "Meltzer Driver" or at least their version of one on Konley but Riley broke up the pin at the last moment. Ryan and Manning then called for "More Bang for Your Buck" but were cut off and Ryan was thrown from the ring, Zane Riley then hit the cannonball on Manning and Caleb Konley followed with a springboard moonsault pinning the PWX World Champion as The Revolt continue their impressive run in the tag team division.

 Caleb Konley and Jake Manning



Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Matt Riddle via submission

Riddle vs Henry

This was a first time ever 1 on 1 matchup between Anthony Henry and Matt Riddle, we had heard rumblings of a possible match of the year candidate and both men truly delivered on that promise. It would be impossible to cover all the action that took place in this one so I'll hit some (just some) of the highlights in this highlight reel match and trust me when I say you SHOULD go out of your way to see this one for yourself! Henry opened the match going hold for hold MMA style with the former UFC fighter and Henry more than held his own which may have surprised Riddle just a bit. Just the mat wrestling portion is something to be seen and we are just getting started. The two transitioned into exchanging kicks and that ultimately seemed to work better for Riddle than Henry, both men got some solid shots in but Riddle's kicks really seemed to take effect on Henry. The two traded chops and punches absorbing the best that one another had to dish out and then the match went to the outside of the ring. Henry looked to be going for his 'round the ring' shotgun kick but simply stopped, rubbed Riddle's head and gave the crowd a two middle finger "salute", Henry would hit the kick later on and then dropped Riddle with a piledriver on the outside of the ring (in the 4th row of seats) asking the referee to count Riddle out. Riddle was struggling and barely made it back to the ring to beat the ten count, Henry then hit 2 C.O.D.'s (out of Cedric Alexander's playbook) and went for the vertebreaker but Riddle slipped out and hit one of the damndest tombstone piledrivers I've ever seen! Somehow, Henry kicked out at the last second and the two fired back on one another and Henry dropped Riddle with an ensuguiri and connected with the vertebreaker but this time it was Riddle who kicked out at the last second amazingly! Henry showed some frustration at this point and climbed the top rope looking for the frogsplash but Riddle countered into a triangle choke as Henry tried to hold on and Riddle applied more and more pressure arching his back, again Henry found a way out and locked Riddle in a dragon sleeper but Riddle this time was holding on and would not tap. Henry got a double underhook on Riddle's arms applying a tremendous amount of pressure to the dragon sleeper and Riddle was forced to tap out with his foot and put an end to a truly incredible matchup. Both men received thunderous respect from the PWX faithful following the match and Riddle extended his hand in respect but Henry just kicked it away and basked in another big time win. It could be that these two will meet again at some point and I think everyone would be just fine with that.

 Riddle vs Henry (2)

X-16 Qualifying Match

Tracer X defeated Joey Lynch and Andrew Everett

Two months ago Tracer X appeared on the PWX Pure preshow in an outstanding match that earned him an opportunity on the main show in Charlotte last month, an opportunity that he once again took advantage of so at PWX Redemption another opportunity awaited Tracer X, the opportunity to be a part of this November's X-16 tournament. PWX Pure provides a lot of opportunity as is the case with Joey Lynch as well who has competed in Pure in the past month, but waiting on these two who were trying to make a name for themselves was a globally traveled, Impact Wresting X Division athlete in Andrew Everett making his return to PWX. These three had a tough task to follow the match of the year candidate from before them but this was all about advancing to November's X-16 and all three men made a valiant effort to do just that. Everett seemed to have a lot of fun in his return to PWX as he and Tracer X went 1 on 1, move for move and counter for counter in the opening moments. Joey Lynch inserted himself into the match and Tracer and Everett teamed up briefly and then as you'd imaging things took to the air as bodies were flying everywhere. Once again in the end, Tracer X would not be denied as he picked up the victory with the 450 and earned his biggest opportunity to date in PWX, THROW YOUR X UP!

 Tracer X vs Andrew Everett

Unsanctioned Last Man Standing Match

Ethan Case defeated Elijah Evans IV

 Ethan Case vs Elijah Evans IV


The penultimate moment in the career of Worst Case Scenario to this point in time had to be winning the PWX Tag Team Championships but that all changed over the last eight months and particularly at PWX Redemption in an Unsanctioned Last Man Standing Match. Ethan Case looked like a cage animal awaiting the entrance of his former friend and partner but Evans strolled casually to the ring and casually kept his hands in his pockets as the bell rang the two just glared at one another and Case made the first move charging Evans who threw a handful of powder in his eyes to gain the early advantage. Evans stomped away on a blinded and helpless Case and stalked him around the outside of the ring. Elijah immediately set up a table at ringside but it wouldn't be used (at least not yet). The two continued to brawl around the venue, weaving in and out of the fans, throwing one another into chairs and finally Case regained his sight but at that point he was bloody at the hands of Elijah Evans IV. Case continued to fight the fight he'd been asking for and each minute that passed the violence was ramped up more and more. Case and Evans fought on to the bleachers and 'Mr. PWX' delivered a piledriver onto Evans on the bleachers buying himself some recuperation time. But the henchmen we've seen assisting EEIV in past months hit the ringside area and the table that was set up earlier got used in one of the most horrific scenarios we've seen in PWX in  long while. Evans made his way from the bleachers as his henchmen held Case down on the table and Elijah dropped an elbow from the top rope to the outside onto his prone former tag team partner exploding the table into pieces!! Evans was not unscathed and it took him a bit to get back to his feet, but it looked to be over for Case and then at the last possible second, Case got to his feet and the war continued. Evans was visibly frustrated and retrieved his sledgehammer and then in a shocking move began ordering his henchmen to pull the canvas off the ring and the three did so until the thick wooden boards were exposed. Case went for a 'Case Cutter' but Evans reversed it driving Case into the unforgiving wood with a jackhammer! What came next could've killed Case, as Evans delivered a sickening swing of the sledgehammer but connected with only the wood of the ring, a battle then ensued over the weapon and this time Ethan hit the  'Case Cutter' on the exposed wood as the referee counted but Evans wasn't done just yet answering the count at nine but Ethan Case was waiting with the same sledgehammer that wounded him last month and Case took a lunging swing that knocked Elijah Evans IV out cold and he could not answer the ten count, as "Mr. PWX" got his redemption in Gastonia, North Carolina.

 Mr. PWX

Another PWX event in the books and many, many more memories made. Some shows are stacked, some are loaded, and this is simply Premiere Wrestling Xperience! Be sure to check out the main page in the coming weeks for 'Heightened Xperience': Top 5 Moments of PWX Redemption, 5 Questions with some of your favorite PWX athletes, as well as information on upcoming shows including Battlefield X October 22nd in Hickory, North Carolina. Follow our editor-in-chief Jer Polk @The1andonlyJer and follow us @PWXWrestling as well as 'like' our page on Facebook and get in on the discussion on our official PWX Fans' Page on Facebook so you don't miss out on any of the Xperience!

 Battlefield X

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