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Full Recap - Rise of a Champion XIII

Full Recap - Rise of a Champion XIII

ROC XIII crowd

Our 13th anniversary supershow Rise of a Champion had  even bigger of a "big fight" atmosphere as our first two events of 2018, X-16 and Battlefield X and due to an increasingly high demand of presales Cabarrus Arena accommodated us with a larger venue to host this show of shows for the promotion. Headlined by a huge "homegrown" triple threat main event for the PWX World Heavyweight Championship and stacked from top to bottom with hard hitting action and V.I.P. guests #ROCXIII was a huge success and another step towards Xcellence for PWX. Let's take an in depth look at all the events from Rise of a Champion XIII. The show is available NOW! with a monthly subscription to The Highspots Network so check it out for yourself and be sure to use #ROCXIII and share your thoughts.


A talented trio of commentators in WWN Lives’ own Trevin Adams, ROH commentator "Brutal" Bob Evans and Sugar Dunkerton welcomed the large crowd to Cabarrus Arena & Events Center promising a huge show. The trio threw the action to Brett Wolverton for the "Opportunity Knocks" Ladder match introductions but instead, PWX Innovative Television Champion "Do or Die" Chip Day came to the ring.


Chip said since "they" cannot get anyone in a car, or on a plane to face him he's going to do what PWX would not do for him and that's offer an opportunity. Day called out Shea Shea McGrady for an ITV championship opportunity and Shea Shea jumped on the "opportunity" hitting the ring with his High Profile partner Will Demented. Before the bell could ring, Chip delivered a roundhouse kick leveling Shea Shea and then connected with a second to Will who was checking on his downed partner. Day got back on the microphone and said he will no longer do what anyone wants him to, he will not wear any flashy gear, dye his hair all different colors and just as Day was about to leave former ITV Champion (and the man Day cashed in his Opportunity Knocks shot in on) "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart came out and we had ourselves an actual, impromptu Innovative Television Title match to begin Rise of a Champion XIII!!!


"The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart defeated "Do or Die" Chip Day (c) to become the new PWX ITV Champion

Just as quickly as Day stole the championship from Lockhart back at the 2018 X-16 tournament, The Revolutionary made good on his promise to get Day back delivering "Huey Knee Newton" followed by the "Assata Driver" and in a matter of 15 seconds Darius Lockhart made a moment in time and became only the third man to become 2-time Innovative Television Champion!!!



"Opportunity Knocks" Ladder Match

"The Governor" Martin Stone defeated Jason Cade, "Built to Self Destruct" Billy Brash, "Fast as Hell" Ian Maxwell, "The Weapon of Sass Destruction" EFFY, & "The Top Tier Talent" Drew Adler

 Ladder Match

Always a fan favorite each and every year at our anniversary supershow is the 6 man "Opportunity Knocks" Ladder Match in which the winner receives a contract earning them a championship match at any title, at any time for the next full year. This match is always chaos and carnage with athletes sacrificing their bodies for an ultimate opportunity to literally and figuratively climb the PWX ladder and this year was no exception. Jason Cade wasted no time hitting a roundhouse kick on EFFY as he made his entrance and Adler and Brash broke off into an early brawl. Cade turned his attention to Martin Stone and the least experienced guy in this match, PWX Pure breakout star Ian Maxwell laid back awaiting his opportunity and he wouldn't have to wait long. Maxwell took Cade out with a knee trembler and displayed his athleticism with a standing flip but The Governor Martin Stone delivered a "Chaos Theory" on the youngster as things didn't take long at all to heat up with opportunity knocking for these six talented athletes. The Top Tier Talent Drew Adler got in on the action with a beautiful snap powerslam and fall away slam combo but with all five men down momentarily it was EFFY's valet The Diamond Diva Amy Rose stepping to Adler. Rose provided enough distraction for EFFY to hit a "rough rider" on Adler but Billy Brash awaited EFFY hitting a head kick followed by a slingshot cutter and again if you've never seen an "Opportunity Knocks" Ladder match in PWX there is A LOT going on... ALL THE TIME so I'll keep up with the action as best as possible but do yourself a favor and check out the VOD of this show on Highspots Network for yourself! "The Flying Gambino" Jason Cade became the first to introduce a ladder into the action hitting a Lung Blower on Brash onto the ladder and Cade wasted no time in getting the biggest ladder in the building to try and get the Opportunity Knocks contract early but it was indeed too early as he was cut off. Inside the ring, The Strong Style brit stuck to his repertoire with heavy European uppercuts and punches to Adler while on the outside Cade stuck to his bread and butter using his athleticism and speed to throw his body around with reckless abandon. A chair was now introduced with the ladders as Brash looked to take out Ian Maxwell but "Fast as Hell" delivered a picture perfect dropkick. The Top Tier Athlete looked to climb the ladder but again it was Jason Cade flying around dropkicking Adler off the ladder, Maxwell ascends to the top and crashes EFFY through a ladder to the outside with double knees to the chest as this chaotic, wonderful car crash of a match continues with each and every man involved displaying just how much getting that contract means to them!! With EFFY and Maxwell down and Brash and Stone engaged in fisticuffs outside the ring, Cade erected a construction of ladders but Adler again capitalized sending Cade crashing into the ladder and over the top rope to the floor! The two biggest men in the match, Brash and Adler ascended each side of the ladder going punch for punch but EFFY somehow recovered and along with Martin Stone knocked them off the ladder and everyone was back at evened odds in this all-out war. The Feminist Icon EFFY put it on the line splashing the ladder onto both Adler and Brash but with so many athletes involved someone is always waiting to quash your attempt at getting the contract and this time it was Martin Stone stopping EFFY. Jason Cade grabbed EFFY's FEST Wrestling Championship to try and clear the ring and at this point all six men are fighting through tremendous pain and dishing out more all in an effort to secure themselves a future shot at any PWX Championship of their choosing. Again, Billy Brash and Drew Adler battled one another on each side of the ladder, The Top Tier Athlete had a hand on the contract but once again he was denied and now the ladders are twisted and mangled but that didn't deter the speediest of these six competitors, Ian Maxwell and Jason Cade who used pure agility to battle on the ladders but neither man could secure that contract. Again, Brash and Adler found one another and reignited their newfound feud and Adler back dropped Brash onto a ladder set up in the corner. EFFY, who is no stranger to ladder matches saw an opportunity and tried to climb the ladder for the contract but the bruiser Martin Stone showed some quickness of his own ascending the ladder very quickly and busting down the door of opportunity grabbing the contract and securing himself a future PWX Championship shot in a tremendous matchup with still plenty of action to go at the 13th anniversary super show!




Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung

 Su vs Tessa

The Queens of Combat Champion "The Undead Bride" Su Yung coming off a brutal steel cage title defense rudely welcomed the Queen City's own Tessa Blanchard back to PWX in Women of PWX action featuring two of the well-traveled young women in the business. Mind games early from Su and Tessa gave them right back as these two are pretty familiar with one another having had some excellent matchups in the past. Tessa took the early momentum with two suicide dives but The Undead Bride refused to go off her feet, Tessa connected on a third that finally took SU down but Yung crawled around the ring and continued the mind games. Su dropped Tessa back first onto the hardest part of the ring as the action between these two rivals spilled to the outside and devolved into a brawl around ringside. Su grabbed a chair from under the ring and delivered some vicious palm strikes before driving Tessa head first into the well placed chair before breaking the referee's ten count and returning to the hard arena floor to inflict more damage on Blanchard. Sugar Dunkerton on commentary astutely points out that Tessa came into #ROCXIII for a wrestling match and Su came for a fight and right now Su is making Tessa fight her game. Tessa trying to change the flow of the match back to her liking sends Su back into the ring but once again Su rakes Blanchard's face and chokes her allowing her to set up a stretch and submission attempt showing that she can brawl as well as work technically. Su kept applying the pressure with a pendulum swing yet she still could not get Blanchard to submit nor keep her shoulders to the mat past a two count. Both ladies tried for shotgun boots on one another missing as the PWX faithful cheered each competitor equally. Su went back to the palm strikes as Su continued to make Tessa work her style and Su hooked Blanchard up in the ropes delivering a rope assisted "Pedigree" but again only earning a two count. Su went to spit the mist in Tessa's eyes but Blanchard side stepped it and connected with a head kick for a nearfall as the action moved to the top rope. Tessa went for a top rope hurrcanrana but Su fought her off momentarily until Blanchard displayed her tremendous core strength rising up and delivering a super plex for another near fall as these two evenly matched women continue to battle looking for that one opening that could earn them an all important victory. Tessa continued to capitalize on the most momentum she'd had all match hitting a lung blower but again Su kicked out and went for a mandible claw type maneuver but Su never quite got back into the match once Tessa gained the advantage and Blanchard wriggled free to deliver a "Code Breaker" off the top rope and earn a hard earned victory and as our great commentary team mentioned, a possible future shot at the Queens of Combat Championship.


White Mike defeated "Manscout" Jake Manning

 White Mike vs Jake Manning

The normally jovial, former PWX World Heavyweight Champion "Manscout" Jake Manning was noticeably annoyed with the PWX faithful as he made his way to the ring as Jake still seemed to be smarting from former partner White Mike's miscue last month that cost them the PWX Tag Team Championships. White Mike came to the ring the complete opposite, dancing, having a good time with the PWX fans chanting his name, Mike has after all been trying to make amends for his miscue for over a month now but here we are at the 13th anniversary supershow with a 1 on 1 match to settle things between the two. White Mike opens up the match with another apology and offers a handshake, perhaps hoping to still make things cordial between himself and Manning but Jake wants this to go down and the two lockups and its Mike going to the ropes early with some "Vintage White Mike" walking the ropes and delivering an axe handle. Mike having some fun at Manning's expense early on as the two criss cross the ropes but White Mike takes an early powder leaving Manning running the ropes all alone as "The Sultan of Stank" takes it upon himself to read Manning's Man Scout guide. The Manscout has had enough of the fun and games and is all business controlling the match now and brow beating White Mike. Back and forth chops and a back elbow from Manning who is starting to display a vicious streak here in his effort to teach Mike a lesson in respect. Mike connects with an uppercut and follows it with a code breaker followed by a neck breaker but Mike show boats a little bit and only gets a two count. Classic Manscout combo backbreaker/downward spiral for a nearfall in the former PWX World Champion's favor but Mike fires back with another move out of his "UnderStanker" repertoire connecting with the tombstone but again Mike wastes a lot of time showboating and Mike (in true Mike fashion) misses from the top rope. The Manscout confidently covers White Mike but Mike gets a crucifix pin for the 1-2-3!!! Immediately, The Manscout kicks Mike below the belt and attacks him as well as some of the young talent of PWX Pure who try to make the save. Following the match, Manning asks "How dare you boo me?" Jake says he is the only guy here who was at Rise of a Champion II, who has made sure these shows run smoothly for years, wrestled on one leg for the exact fans who are booing him and applauding White Mike's buffoonery. The PWX faithful responded by chanting "White Mike" even louder as Manning continued to rant on the microphone. Manning completely loses it ending his tirade by saying he's "Damaged goods". The commentators apologize for the uncensored words of The Manscout but focus should remain on the fact that White Mike made his moment at #ROCXIII with perhaps his biggest singles victory ever, a pinfall victory over a former PWX World Heavyweight champion!!


 Tracer X vs Matt Cross

Tracer X defeated "M-Dogg" Matt Cross


For well over a year now, "The Independent Variable" Tracer X has emerged as the odds on favorite to be the "next big star" in Premiere Wrestling Xperience. Tracer's career is on an upward trajectory without a doubt having won WWN's Style Battle Tournament a victory that has introduced this homegrown star from South Carolina to a national stage and bigger opponents. While his win/loss record may not be what he would like in these higher profile matches, Tracer always brings a great performance and another high profile challenger awaited him at Rise of a Champion XIII in International and LUCHA Underground star "M-Dogg"  Matt Cross. Cross comes in with a lot of expectations himself being one of the most frequently requested athletes that PWX fans want to see, Cross has seen and done it all in independent wrestling over his 18 year career the question is will that experience deal Tracer another devastating high profile loss or can The "Tracersaurus" overcome and pick up one of the biggest wins of his career? Both men despite the age and experience difference looking quicker than ever in the early going exchanging pin attempts and then a gentlemanly handshake to kick off the match. Cross playing some early mind games with his younger opponent cuts a backflip off of an Irish whip landing in the superhero pose, X respectfully acknowledges his opponent but it seems the mind games worked as Tracer goes for his own bit of showboating executing a backflip off Cross' back but Tracer lands directly on his head folding his neck and shoulder up and this early on in the matchup that could be bad news for The Independent Variable. Tracer is moving noticeably slower after that hard fall but still doing what he can to keep in the match but Cross has worlds of experience and knows that he must strike while Tracer is trying to recover from that early misstep. Tracer fires back at M-Dogg with a 'Pele' kick but again X favoring his neck with every movement and cross tries to control the pace but there is ZERO quit in Tracer X as he continues to fight through the pain for this huge opportunity on such a large stage. Tracer goes for a Tope but again the momentum doesn't seem to be behind the offense and Matt Cross continues to be a few steps ahead of his younger counterpart. Cross ascends to the top rope and drives both feet into the back of Tracer for a nearfall but Cross looked a bit surprised that X continues to fight through the miscue and keep himself in the matchup. Tracer unable to rely on his neck and shoulder tries to feed off the PWX faithful but Cross is noticeably faster at this moment and delivers a springboard cutter yet again Cross cannot believe Tracer got his shoulder off the mat before the three count. The action shifts to the top rope with each man jockeying for position and again it's Cross dumping Tracer off the top rope and looking for the knockout blow with standing shooting star press, Tracer dodges and Cross lands on his feet but Tracer summons some of the speed we've seen in the past hitting a springboard flatliner and sensing his opening goes straight to the top rope and connects with the 450 and just like that Tracer X shows tremendous resiliency willing himself to a massive victory at Rise of a Champion XIII.


PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey & "The Southern Savior" John Skyler w/ Katie Sparks defeated COUNTRY JACKED (Corey Hollis, Gunner Miller, & Brady Pierce)

 Tag Match

Oh how things can change in the matter of a year. At Rise of a Champion XII Corey Hollis and John Skyler fought their last match as a tag team against none other than The Ugly Ducklings! Since that point, the former best friends have taken any and every opportunity to pummel one another and make each other's lives miserable and it's gotten incredibly personal. Hollis has recruited a new version of Country Jacked acquiring the services of two of the biggest and baddest in the southeast in Gunner Miller and Brady Pierce and in order to get his hands on Hollis in this six man tag team match, The Southern Savior recruited he and Hollis' opponents from last year's anniversary supershow, The PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings for a good old fashioned FIGHT! For the second year in a row Ed E. Ruger performed the tag team champions’ theme music live as the PWX fans got hype for this big time matchup. Skyler steps up and literally draws a line on the mat with his boot then deposits that boot upside the head of Corey Hollis and immediately this six man tag team match is out of control and all over the place. Killjoy and Lude use their speed and double team moves early to frustrate Pierce and Miller but Pierce cuts Killjoy down like a buzzsaw coming off the top rope and suddenly size is winning out over quickness in the tag team showdown as bitter enemies Skyler and Hollis battle around the venue. PWX Senior Official Kevin Pierce letting things go as all six men are going at it, in the ring Country Jacked more than holding their own with the PWX tag team champions in what is the official in ring debut of Miller and Pierce as a tag team in PWX. The war between the former best friends goes from the commentary table, to the gimmick tables and every point in between as Gunner Miller controls the match for Country Jacked inside the ring. Gunner Miller continues throwing Rob Killjoy from one side of the ring to another inside the ring while Hollis and Skyler continue to be each other's sole focus on the outside. Smartly, the team of Gunner Miller and Brady Pierce isolate Rob Killjoy and are demanding the respect and attention of every single person in the packed Cabarrus Arena & Events Center. Killjoy fires a couple shots back at his much larger opponent and turns a slam attempt into a spinning DDT, dropkick onto both members of Corey Hollis' COUNTRY JACKED and Killjoy has the tag team champions right back in the matchup! Pierce and Miller smartly make take Lance Lude out on the apron ensuring that Killjoy remains alone but just as that happens Skyler and Hollis make their way back to the ring and for the first time in the matchup lock up 1 on 1 inside the ring. Skyler lands a Thesz Press raining down punches onto Hollis, O'Connor Roll for a two count by Skyler but Hollis' backup is in the right place at the right time to break up the pin attempt. Skyler is clotheslined over the top rope and Miller follows with a scary suicide dive over the top rope getting tangled up and landing headfirst on the arena floor!!! Hollis and Skyler continue their back and forth on the apron and Hollis looks to piledrive Skyler on the hardest part of the ring, thankfully that is avoided but Corey still gets the advantage and suplexes his former partner from the top onto the other four competitors and Coach Mikey as again all six men are down and showing the effects of this battle that has been heated from the opening bell. Out of the carnage, Skyler gets back in the ring and looks to hit "Sliced Bread" on Hollis but he fights out of it and Skyler side steps a charging Gunner Miller and rolls him up for the three count as Skyler and The Ugly Ducklings get the win but Hollis' COUNTRY JACKED immediately attack John Skyler as the bell rings continuously.                 Hollis and Skyler continue to battle inside the ring after the bell as COUNTRY JACKED destroys the PWX tag team champions outside the ring. Hollis chop blocks Skyler and traps his leg between a steel chair as Skyler's fiancée Katie begs him not to do it. Things turn uglier then as Hollis traps Katie in the corner. Corey continues to ignore referee's instructions to leave ringside and DDT's Skyler on the hard floor as Pierce and Miller force Katie to watch from inside the ring. Skyler's original trainer "The Fabulous Playboy" Bob Keller climbs the guardrail to try and restore order and finally PWX Security as well as PWX management is able to put some space between COUNTRY JACKED and John Skyler in another in a long line of heinous attacks and brutal exchanges between former best friends, now hated rivals.


 Strickland vs Lockhart

PWX Innovative Television Championship

"The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart (c) defeated “The International King of Swerve" Shane Strickland to retain the Championship

Excitement for this match between Shane Strickland and Darius Lockhart has been very high since the matchup was announced several weeks ago but with the events that kicked off Rise of a Champion XIII leading to The Revolutionary winning his second ITV Championship the excitement, as well as the prestige of this next matchup rose to an unbelievable level. Swerve has been collecting championships, wrestling internationally and at the same time The Revolutionary has been slowly but surely making his name throughout the Carolinas and beyond. I said it before in the official preview for this event, this matchup has SHOW STEALER written all over it and now, at the 13th anniversary supershow we have some championship gold on the line as well! Darius Lockhart is respected by many and never holds back on being himself and promoting social consciousness and the new ITV Champion had a special entrance for this special show as he showed up with a literal army behind him promoting 3 words, Demonstrate, Motivate, Cultivate! The commentary trio does a tremendous job of setting the scene for this matchup, something that Lockhart himself alluded to in a pre-match interview. 5 years ago, a 17 year old Darius Lockhart sat in the crowd watching a match almost identical to what he finds himself in at #ROCXIII. Cedric Alexander vs. Jay Lethal at Rise of a Champion VIII. Swerve asserting his dominance and experience early on with some excellent chain wrestling and just gingerly taking a seat in the middle of the ring as Lockhart takes a moment to think about things outside the ring. The ITV Champion catches Strickland with a kick to the gut and some knife edge chops as Lockhart shows Strickland that he's all business and you can feel the tone of the entire matchup change. Strickland dials his offense up a notch putting together a tremendous combo of a springboard flatliner followed by an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle and now Swerve has the ITV Champion down on the mat and is controlling the arm. The International King of Swerve finding some confidence now delivering some knife edge chops, sweeping the leg and connecting with a hard kick to the back all while still controlling Lockhart's arm. The ITV Champion is up to the challenge as he comes back with some strikes and a suplex of his own but Strickland absorbs the punishment and maintains control of the offense even drawing blood from the Innovative Television Champion. Strickland looks to add another championship to his mantle with the "Swerve Stomp" but Lockhart amazingly wills himself to a kickout and stays in the match as these two men deliver the matchup that the PWX faithful expected here at the 13th anniversary supershow. Lockhart with a burst hitting a knee in the corner followed by the "Assata Driver" that won him the title earlier tonight but Shane Strickland does NOT stay down and this awesome match between two amazingly talented athletes continues! Lockhart, perhaps a bit frustrated that he couldn't end the match with the "Assata Driver" looks to ramp up his offense as a battle ensues on the top rope but it's Swerve who gains control and delivers a death valley driver on the hardest part of the ring followed by double stomp to the outside and Strickland follows with a second inside the ring but somehow, some way The Revolutionary kicks out just before the 3 count to save his newly won championship!! Shane Strickland seems to be taken aback that Lockhart survived two "Swerve Stomps" and the ITV Champion is asking for more! The challenger obliges with a stiff kick to the head and goes for the "JML Driver" but Lockhart battles out only to find himself locked in the "Key to Swerve City" submission dead center in the middle of the ring!! Strickland kicks away at Lockhart's head while cinching in the submission but a defiant Lockhart shakes his head indicating he's not out of it yet and Swerve quickly switches to a La Majhistrah Cradle but the Champion blocks it in a pin attempt of his own for the 1-2-3 to retain the PWX Innovative Television Championship in one hell of a match!!

Following the match a disappointed Shane Strickland looks like he may leave with the PWX Innovative Television Championship anyway but he thinks better of that decision and awards the champion his belt in a show of respect. What came next for The Revolutionary was anything but respectful however as The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel" Chase Owens hit the ring extending Lockhart's long night even further. Owens nailed the champion with a pair of short arm lariats and Owens says Lockhart knows nothing about Revolutions, "WE will show you a revolution" The feisty Innovative Television Champion somehow picks himself up enough to stop Owens from leaving the ring and pays for it as Owens sends Lockhart crashing to the mat with a Cradle Piledriver, attacks the referee and before exiting out the front door, says "You may know who I am, but do you know why I'm here?"


PWX Ring Announcer Brett Wolverton announces Premiere Wrestling Xperience returns to Cabarrus Arena & Events Center on May 20th and just signed for the event is an "I Quit" Steel Cage match between "The Southern Savior" John Skyler and Corey Hollis!!!


Loser Leaves The Syndicate- Special Guest Referee THE Tommy Thomas

Elijah Evans IV w/ Montana Black defeated Timmy Lou Retton w/ BOSS


The Syndicate has been dominant holding nearly every PWX Championship over the last year but with their motto "WE DESERVE IT" it seems the lines have started to blur in recent months as to exactly who deserves it more resulting in some internal struggles within the group so THE Tommy Thomas decreed that the matter would be settled exactly that way, INTERNALLY! The result of which would be one less member in The Syndicate. Timmy Lou comes out firing with two cartwheel splashes into the corner on Elijah Evans IV who tries to get away to the arena floor but Retton is not giving his faction mate any leeway to catch a breath. Retton controls Evans IV in the ring locking in a variation of the "trailer hitch" and following up with an F-5 for a nearfall but Evans finally turns the tide with a low blow, Timmy Lou tries to push the pace going for a dive to the outside but Evans catches him with a forearm shot coming in and Evans suplexes Timmy Lou on the concrete floor. Special guest referee THE Tommy Thomas administers that ten count and Retton barely beats the count back to the ring as Evans urges Thomas to count faster. Retton looking impressive here in a rare singles appearance in PWX hits a Saito Suplex and follows with a moonsault attempt but misses allowing Evans IV to cut Timmy Lou in half with a spear but THE Tommy Thomas again administers a shockingly "down the middle" pinfall earning Evans just a two count. Timmy Lou again battles back with a crotch lift into a downward spiral and Retton kips up and looks to take flight once again with the shooting star press but "Angry Mountain" Montana Black prevents the SSP and now both big men in The Syndicate come face to face as Montana and BOSS square off with one another. As things look like they're going to boil over between The Syndicate, BOSS the man who seconded Timmy Lou turns on his former partner hitting him with a cane and Evans IV hits a "Blue Thunder Bomb" but Retton admirably kicks out. At this point Retton is all alone and the fix is in as BOSS Slams Timmy Lou down and THE Tommy Thomas administers the fast count we'd all been waiting for as The Syndicate's plan comes together, Elijah Evans IV gets the victory and Timmy Lou Retton is unceremoniously booted from The Syndicate.

 Triple Threat 1

PWX World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

"Mr. PWX" Ethan Case defeated Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young (c) & "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake to win the Championship

The three top stars in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and the only three men to lay claim to an X-16 tournament championship put a cherry on the 13th anniversary supershow in a "homegrown" main event. Anthony Henry on the cusp of 400 days as PWX World Champion has carried the ball for PWX for quite some time now but in that time familiar contenders have emerged in 2018 X-16 Tournament winner (and Henry's sometimes tag team partner) "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake and first ever Battlefield X Rumble winner "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case have put themselves in position to challenge for the richest prize in PWX. The reigning Champion, Anthony Henry enters the match with hard fought victories over both his challengers in the past and alongside the Queen of PWX Amber Young and despite his friendships and history with Case and Drake only one focus and that's keeping the PWX World Heavyweight Championship. Henry immediately betrays his part time tag team partner James Drake setting the tone early for what is one of the biggest main events in PWX history. The two challengers battle around ringside and the Champion is happy to let them do so for a moment picking his openings delivering on a pair of big boots on both Drake and Case but The New Age Enforcer opens up on Anthony Henry when he attempts a second one now it's former EVOLVE tag team champions The Lethal Enforcers battling around ringside and Drake powerbombs Henry onto Ethan Case into the crowd as this big time main event for the PWX World Championship is a wild brawl already. All three competitors out in the crowd and the noise from Drake's thunderous chops echoing on both his opponents. Once again Sr. Official Kevin Pierce doing a tremendous giving this main event matchup some leeway to get a pinfall or submission finish to cap off the biggest event of the year. The PWX Champion grabs a table from under the ring early on. Henry looking for a piledriver or powerbomb off the apron through the table onto Ethan Case but Case escapes and backdrops Henry onto the ring apron and back in the ring Drake loads up a shotgun kick for a two count on Case while the Champion is momentarily out of the matchup. Mr. PWX takes his best shot while Henry is out of the action hitting a "Case Cutter" but maybe didn't get as much of it as he wanted and only holds Drake down for a two count, Case switches his attack locking in a figure four but the PWX World Champion Anthony Henry gets back in the action with a frogsplash on a prone Ethan Case as the pace quickens with all three men back inside the ring and looking for that one big move that will win them the championship. Dueling kicks to the chest of both challengers from Anthony Henry and the Champion spikes Ethan Case with a piledriver for a two count and then delivers a second spike piledriver to The New Age Enforcer again for a two count as the Champion maintains temporary control of the matchup and his title. Henry with double middle fingers for his challengers and they respond with double super kicks and a flurry of offense results in all three competitors down on the mat. Drake is the first to his feet, and the familiar sound of excruciating James Drake chops and the 2018 X-16 winner follows with a DDT on Case as The New Age Enforcer begins to take control of the matchup. A temporary reteaming of The Lethal Enforcers but Henry puts an end to that with a deadlift German suplex on Drake and now it's Case taking advantage of the competition between the part time tag partners and Case with an Electric Chair drop but throws Henry into Drake and Case nearly gets the pinfall. The two challengers again take the Champion out of the match momentarily and it's Drake and Case battling on the top rope to become the new PWX World Champion, Case looks for a "Case Cutter" off the top but Drake reverses into a "Drill Bit" off the top rope for a certain victory but the Champion Anthony Henry in the right place at the right time with a double stomp from the top onto James Drake breaking up the pinfall and again saving his Championship. Henry looks to hit the "Kudo Driver" but Case rolls out into a pin attempt for a two and follows with a springboard "Case Cutter" attempt but Henry has it scouted and avoids the deadly finisher. Hard slaps exchanged between Case and Henry and Case does connect this time with the springboard "Case Cutter" but Amber Young gets involved punching Sr. Referee Kevin Pierce and now the PWX Championship belt has been introduced into the match and Amber Young takes out her second referee, this time with a low blow and Ethan Case has seen enough connecting with the "Eat It" uppercut on Amber Young!!! Anthony Henry again right place, right time connects this time with the "Kudo Driver" but a momentary lack of a referee saves the match for Ethan Case and now The New Age Enforcer is back into the matchup as The Lethal Enforcers go back and forth with forearms and knife edge chops in the center of the ring. Roundhouse kick, spinebuster, lariat in succession by Drake on Ethan Case but Anthony Henry makes use of the table he set up earlier sending Drake crashing through and to the floor, meanwhile Ethan Case catches Anthony Henry coming off the top perfectly with another "Case Cutter" but it's still not quite enough!! Ethan follows up quickly with a full rotating release suplex dropping Henry right on his head and Case covers for the three count winning his first PWX World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Triple Threat 2

Ethan is joined by his family in the ring to celebrate a long, hard journey to the top. The signs of a frantic war lay around, covered in the biggest streamer party PWX has ever seen. Case' best friend Billy Brash hits the ring to celebrate with the new Champion and the "Opportunity Knocks" contract holder hits the ring as well to congratulate Mr. PWX and possibly, just possibly make sure Case does not forget that he has an opportunity literally in his back pocket but the celebration is on mid ring and the ringside area fills up with performers from the back in a show of respect as Ethan Case closes the show saying we've waited a long time for this reminiscing on his first show with PWX when the crowd was only 30-40 people and all the tough times along the way as well as the good ones of being the first ever X-16 and Battlefield X Rumble winner to now sitting at the top of the pedestal in PWX as the World Heavyweight Champion! Mr. PWX is now OFFICIAL with the gold to back it up.



Don't forget!! If you were unable to attend our 13th anniversary supershow Rise of a Champion XIII Live! You can now watch the complete show along with over 40,000 hours of other content for just $9.99/mo. at HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com See all the action for yourself as well as a large number of our past shows and don't forget to share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #ROCXIII Follow our editor @The1andonlyJer and our official twitter account @PWXWrestling We'd love to hear your thoughts on the show, Your personal Match of the Night and moments that stand out from #ROCXIII Get in on the discussion! Get in on the Xperience!!


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Saturday April 21, 2018 the future stars of Premiere Wrestling Xperience take center stage in our new "home base" Hebron Hall for the first PWX show ever in the building. This will be a unique, personal professional wrestling show like none other and a golden opportunity to see how bright the future of PWX is. Current PWX stars such as PWX World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Case, "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake, and Tracer X began in PWX Pure and on April 21st several more will take their first step towards following these great athletes to the PWX main show. TICKETS FOR PWX PURE: ONE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED and are selling very quickly!!! GET YOURS NOW, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!! Already scheduled to appear at PWX Pure: One- High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented), "Classless" Mason Myles, Cam Carter, Sean Legacy, Robyn Golphin, Zuka King, Beastly Brody, Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross and MORE!

 Level Up

It's ALWAYS a good time when PWX returns to Gastonia, North Carolina! PWX has seen very large crowds the last several times we've landed in Gastonia and Sunday April 22, 2018 we will be back!!! Gastonia has just recently been announced as the home for our event 'Level Up' Be sure to follow us on twitter @PWXWrestling and 'like' the PWX Wrestling Facebook page as matches and ticket information begin being announced in the coming weeks!!




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