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Full Recap: Road to Rise of A Champion XII

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Full Recap: Road to Rise of a Champion


We kicked off a brand new year on the road to our 12th anniversary super show 'Rise of a Champion'. "Big Mike" Michael Elgin returned to PWX to challenge "Man Scout" Jake Manning for the PWX World Championship, The Ugly Ducklings defended their PWX Tag Team Titles, David Starr defended his wXw Shotgun Championship in a triple threat match and everyone had one goal in mind, securing their spot on one of the biggest shows of the year. Gastonia, North Carolina played host to a crowd of nearly 500 for 'Road to Rise of a Champion' let's take a look at all the action that jumpstarted a brand new year for Premiere Wrestling Xperience.


 Darius, Tracer, Ace

"The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart defeated Tracer X & Ace Austin

Lockhart hit the floor as the bell rang and seemed happy to let his opponents go one on one for a while but that didn't last long as Tracer and Austin formed a temporary partnership against Lockhart, once The Revolutionary was dispatched X and the debuting CZW dojo student Ace Austin focused on one another as this was only a one fall contest. Smartly, as his two opponents focused their attention on one another, Lockhart saw his opening to inflict some damage with a running knee to Austin and folding Tracer up with a German suplex. The kicks were fast and furious in this opening contest with Austin connecting with Lockhart and X connecting with Austin resulting in all three men down on the canvas but not for long. In and out rope assisted double flat liner from Tracer gets the two count but all three of these men continue to scratch and claw for their spot in PWX. The Revolutionary again goes to the floor as Tracer and Austin fight it out on the top rope, X wins that battle and connects with the 450 but it's Lockhart again smartly pulling Tracer into the ring post as he goes for the cover and The Revolutionary covers Ace Austin for the win.


Henry vs Cade 

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Jason Cade

Some very nice chain wrestling between the two kicks off the action, then we go into a pinfall back and forth but it doesn't take long for Cade to use his speed to get Henry to the outside and hit a suicide dive and the two are fighting into the crowd early on. The always innovative Jason Cade does a pull-up on a basketball rim into a hurrcanrana on Henry as the fight continues on the floor of the Gastonia Armory. The capacity crowd wants to see that one more time but Henry is ready this time and launches Cade face first into the backboard!!! Henry quickly takes Cade back to the ring for a pin attempt but Cade kicks out and Henry transitions to the 'Tequila Sunrise' submission attempt but Cade again refuses to kick out against the #1 contender. The two meet in the middle of the ring going back and forth with stiff shots one after another and it's Cade with a bicycle kick and a Fisherman's buster 'Chaos Theory' that gets Cade a two count but busts open the mouth of the  X-16 tournament winner. Cade again using his speed with a double stomp in the corner followed by a frog splash in the middle of the ring for as close to a three count as you can get! Brad Stutts & Ethan Case on commentary make note that these two are keeping things in the center of the ring forcing their opponent to kick out of the pin without usage of the ropes, this time it's Henry with a bridging German suplex but again Cade will not stay down!! Cade pulling out all the stops hits an in and out rope assisted flipping piledriver but Henry kicks out and comes back with a burst of offense hitting a dragon suplex followed quickly by a 'Veterbreaker' as Henry picks up another hard fought win heading into his huge opportunity at the 12th anniversary super show.



Tage Team Championship

PWX Tag Team Championships Match

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey (c) defeated Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) to retain


As is the case with many of The Ugly Ducklings matches this was Pure Chaos from beginning to end, Zachary Wentz and Lance Lude started it off with Wentz getting the better of Lude hitting two standing moonsaults but Lude went to the floor and "Off Kilter" Rob Killjoy took over with a beautiful 'Celtic Cross'/ Exploder Suplex combo. Dezmond Xavier then took over with an aerial attack including a '619' around the ring post but Lude recovered to take to the ropes himself hitting Xavier with a hurracanrana as the action between the PWX Tag Team Champions and the CZW Tag Team Champions was almost too fast to keep up with. The action slowed just long enough for The PWX tag team champions to do some kissing....yes Kissing, it's a thing! Killjoy & Lude took the opportunity to kiss each one of their opponents. Back to the extremely fast paced 'tornado tag' style action as Killjoy and Lude hit the assisted cannonball for a two count but Xavier and Wentz aren’t' done as Wentz goes COAST TO COAST on Killjoy for a near fall. All four men slugging it out in the middle of the ring and Lude hits Xavier with a dragonrana as Wentz does the same to Killjoy, Lude and Wentz then ensuguiri one another and all four men are down but that won't last long with these four. The CZW Tag Champs get to their feet first and take over hitting their patented assisted gravity changing moonsault but Killjoy fights out of whatever Scarlet & Graves had planned next and Lude hits the top rope as the PWX Tag Team Champions hit the "Ducksday Device' on Dezmond Xavier to retain their titles and start 2017 with a big win over the CZW Tag Team Champions.



iTV Championship

PWX ITV Championship Match

"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake (c) defeated Timmy Lou Retton

The Elegant challenger Timmy Lou Retton begins the match with a cartwheel to showboat a bit but the ITV Champion responds with his own cartwheel with a little attitude on it. Retton attacks the Champion with a clothesline but immediately backs him into the corner for knife edge chops, and if you've ever seen (or heard) The New Age Enforcer wrestle you know that's not a good idea. Drake absorbs three chops from Retton then reverses Timmy Lou who smartly avoids the chops of Drake and employs his speed but the champion catches him with a big back body drop.  The challenger again avoids the chop from Drake but something much worse awaits Retton as he dives onto Drake but is caught and the ITV Champion delivers an exploder suplex on the unforgiving cement floor!!!! Retton despite the impact of that exploder suplex withstands some heavy hands from Drake (and a barrage of jeers from the crowd) to take back control of the matchup slowing the pace and keeping the ITV Champion grounded. Drake fires back with a beauty of a dropkick followed by a cradling T-Bone suplex for a two count as another great battle over the ITV Championship wages on. Slaps echo throughout the building as Drake finally connects with several chops inflicting maximum punishment on Timmy Lou Retton but the challenger battles back with a stunner followed by a twisting senton for a two count. The challenger goes for the "Top of the Podium" moonsault but lands on his feet, Drake counters with the spinebuster into the "Drillbit" followed by the "Moonpie)Sault" for the victory and in a flurry of offense, Drake retains once again.


Following the victory, THE Tommy Thomas, Elijah Evans IV, and TJ Boss appear once again after jumping the ITV Champion at last month's 'Seasons Delete-ings' show. Boss advances on the ITV Champion but is turned away, and a fourth man joins the crew and it's Montana Black! Black advances to the ring as well but again Drake holds his ground but its Timmy Lou Retton with a cheap shot on Drake and a 3 on 1 assault begins on the ITV Champion as Elijah Evans IV and THE Tommy Thomas look on. Timmy Lou delivers the ITV Championship to Elijah Evans IV who says he wants the championship and it doesn't matter what anyone says, no one can stop THE GUERILLA SYNDICATE!

Syndicate attack Drake


XPERIENCE UPDATE: An ITV Championship match has been signed for Rise of a Champion XII on February 19th in Concord, North Carolina. Elijah Evans IV will go 1 on 1 with the PWX ITV Champion James Drake! Tickets are going FAST! Get yours on the main page so you aren't shut out of the biggest show of the year.


WxW Shotgun Championship

wXw Shotgun Championship Match

"The Product" David Starr (c) defeated Sami Callihan w/ JT Davidson & Lio Rush to retain


This one was originally scheduled to be a 1 on 1 contest between Starr and Callihan but PWX Wrestling social media sites broke the news that Lio Rush was at the venue hours before the show and had been added to the Shotgun Championship Match. The new look Sami Callihan was in a foul mood to begin the New Year littering the ring with chairs as he made his entrance, smartly his opponents didn't let it into their heads as Rush, Starr, and Callihan himself all grabbed seats for the ring introductions. Much like the tag team titles match earlier this one was 'tornado style' for the most part, fast and furious from beginning to end as both challengers got early near falls on the Shotgun Champion. Rush's speed and uncanny agility served him well in this match particularly in the early going as neither opponent could catch him nor keep their hands on the reigning ROH Top Prospect. The Spacecat got revved up next sending Starr into the corner and connecting with THREE of his signature running boots to the face. The Product avoided a fourth boot connecting with a teeth rattling super kick on Callihan and then bodies went flying out of the ring as Callihan connected with Starr and Rush hit both men as all three crashed to the floor. Callihan came out of the pile of bodies and hit the 'Victory Lap' pump kick on the Champion, Sami tied Starr up in the Tree of Woe while going for the superplex on Rush but it was Starr changing the momentum as he used his strength to hit the spider suplex on Callihan opening the door for Rush to hit the double stomp on Starr followed by a kick to head of Sami for another near fall. Rush continued to elude his opponents but finally got caught with double boots to the jaw slowing his momentum, Starr sensing his opportunity with Rush down kicked up his offensive attack but got spun 360 degrees with a clothesline and all three men were down. Starr and Rush then formed a short-lived partnership to take out Sami but the challenger, Lio quickly attacked Starr but paid for it as Callihan planted him with a tiger bomb, Rush kicked out at 2 and 7/8ths but Sami transitioned into the stretch muffler! It took Starr THREE booming superkicks to the face to break the hold and seconds later the Champion floated over into a flip piledriver for the pin on Sami to once again retain the Shotgun Championship in a brutal, hard hitting triple threat match. Callihan was dejected following the loss and the champion as well as Rush planted a kiss on each cheek of the Spacecat but it had no effect on the foul mood of the former PWX Champion.


Tag Team #1 Contender Match

PWX Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match

The Bruiserweights (John Skyler & Corey Hollis) defeated The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) and Oi4k (Jake & Dave Crist)


Immediately the rift between The Bruiserweights took center stage in this one as John Skyler's entrance was interrupted by his partner and best friend Corey Hollis who charged the ring and the fight was on between Hollis, Skyler, Konley, and Riley (smartly Oi4k watched as their opponents beat one another up) battling for a championship shot at the 12th anniversary super show Rise of a Champion. The Crist’s didn't take long to get involved with stereo dives on each side of the ring onto their opponents which opened up a war between all six men waged all around the ringside area. The action spilled back into the ring and a bit of order was stored but it was John Skyler taking a lot of offense, first from Jake and Dave Crist but soon The Revolt turned the tide of the match hitting "Off with their head" effectively taking The Bruiserweights out of the action as Konley and Riley focused their attack on Dave Crist. Riley continued the assault on Dave Crist with a cannonball for a near fall and Konley intelligently hit Jake in the corner as Riley dragged Dave to their corner to continue The Revolt's domination of the #1 contenders match. Dave finally made the tag to his brother as The Bruiserweights continued to bicker on the ring apron and now it was Jake taking control of the matchup with a big double dropkick off the top onto The Revolt. Jake Crist was now rolling hitting a neckbreaker and a powerslam into the buckle on Konley as Oi4K got themselves closer to that big opportunity at Rise of a Champion XII next month. Meanwhile, Corey Hollis quietly snuck into the ring hitting a lariat on Jake, a chopblock on Dave and the "Snapback" on Konley as The Bruiserweights (at least individually) tried to climb back into contention. When The Bruiserweights ARE on the same page there is nobody better and Hollis and Skyler got on the same page with a 'Finley Roll'' and a Top Rope Headbutt in succession but a shoving match amongst the friends erupted allowing their opponents to get back into the match once again. The Crists took that opening and dealt Zane Riley a "Sick" combo of kicks to the head following up with a superplex into a powerbomb on Konley that nearly ended the match but Konley narrowly avoided the three count. Dave Crist then went for a sunset flip but Skyler got the blind tag on Konley and hit the DDT on Crist to pick up the win and The Bruiserweights are #1 contenders to The Ugly Ducklings PWX Tag Team Championships! But are they on the same page???



Skyler grabbed the microphone and apologized to Hollis for trying to motivate him but said now that they are #1 contenders they need to focus and Hollis walked away so Skyler tried a different tactic. The emotions of the former PWX World Champion boiled over as he told his best friend to QUIT! "Walk away with your tail between your legs like a GIANT P**sy!" this got Hollis' attention and he returned to the ring. Skyler cited his own abandonment of PWX telling Corey that he'd be right back in the same place in six months and suggested that they do things at Rise of a Champion the way they've always done them...TOGETHER!!! This seemed to get through to Hollis more than anything to date as the new #1 Contenders embraced in the middle of the ring seemingly willing, ready and on the same page for their Tag Team Championships match on February 19th in Concord, North Carolina.



Manning vs Elgin

PWX World Championship Match

"The Manscout" Jake Manning (c) defeated "Big Mike" Michael Elgin to retain


The strength of the challenger "Big Mike" obviously came into play early and often in this PWX Championship match, the Champion countered with his veteran prowess and quickness advantage but the agility of Elgin for a man of his size is not to be underestimated either. Elgin hit a couple of powerful shoulder tackles early on and looked to put an early nail in the coffin with a Samoan Drop but Manning countered into a combo for a near fall of his own early on in the contest. The first big strike of the match for the challenger was a booming ensuguri followed by a slingshot power slam and the international star was now in firm control of the PWX Champion, Elgin followed up with his signature stalling vertical suplex letting the blood rush to Manning's head for nearly a full minute! Manning absorbed the punishment from Elgin as he has for nearly six months as champion and managed to hit a Samoan drop on Big Mike and slowly The Manscout tried to chop down his much larger challenger. A big top rope clothesline finally took Elgin off his feet once again for a two count but Elgin fired back with another ensuguri and battered The Manscout with clotheslines. The Champion smartly picked up the pace of the match forcing Elgin to keep up with his pace delivering the neckbreaker knee drop followed by the flatliner but again Elgin kicked out at two and AGAIN fired back on the Champion. Big Mike laid some booming kicks into the face of Manning followed by the biggest offensive maneuver of the match, a Death Valley driver on the hard, unforgiving ring apron!! Again, the resilience of the PWX World Champion shown through as he kicked out of not only that, but also a falcon arrow from the challenger. Elgin continued to put the pressure on hitting the Buckle Bomb but Manning avoided a second "Elgin Bomb" getting a two count and then planted Elgin with a piledriver but the thick neck of Big Mike provided enough cushion for him to get the shoulder up at the last second! Manning and Elgin jockeyed for position looking for another Powerbomb and Piledriver respectively but the challenger ended up connecting with not one but two stiff lariats and STILL the Manscout kicked out in a hotly contested PWX World Championship match. Big Mike looked to end it with another Buckle Bomb but Manning avoided it and ate a spinning backfist, with the Champion stunned Elgin went for a sunset flip but The Manscout sat down and cradled the legs for the pinfall to retain the PWX World Championship in a DOG FIGHT!!


Elgin graciously thanked the PWX faithful and raved that it was a wonderful place to work while also putting over the work of Jake Manning as PWX World Champion. The Manscout then addressed Anthony Henry who came to ringside saying February 19th at Rise of a Champion XII will not be a '5 Star Match' but he promises it will be a FIGHT.....SCOUT'S HONOR!!!!!!


DO NOT MISS the 12th Anniversary Super Show Rise of a Champion XII Sunday February 19th LIVE! From Concord, North Carolina's Cabarrus Arena & Events Center or streaming LIVE! On Ippv from highspotsnetwork.com Tickets for this event are selling at a RECORD PACE and the event may sellout! Tickets ARE available on the main page. Be sure to also check the main page in the coming weeks for the latest information on Rise of a Champion XII as well as more exclusive content from Premiere Wrestling Xperience. As always you can follow us on twitter @PWXWrestling as well as our editor-in-chief Jer Polk @The1andonlyJer and 'like' our Facebook page and get in on the discussion with other fans and PWX athletes on the PWX Fans' Page.


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