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Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments from Enter the Dragon

Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments from Enter the Dragon

 Ethan Case

Premiere Wrestling Xperience geared up for a HOT Summer with a return to The Hickory Metro Convention Center for Enter the Dragon headlined by three time former ROH tag team champions ReDRagon and a pair of genuine members of the PWX "A-Team" in a tag team main event. We also saw the debut of Roscoe Eat Lisa, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and THE Tommy Thomas' Syndicate ran the table on anyone who opposed them once again. Add in a couple of show stealing performances from John Skyler, Gunner, Pop Culture, and The Lucha World Order and the task of picking the top 5 lasting memories from another 'can't miss' show is no easy one. Check out 'Enter the Dragon' streaming now on Highspots Wrestling Network and let us know what heightened your Pro Wrestling Xperience!




  1. REALity Check- In the last two years we've seen several members of the roster begin to make their impact on the PWX preshow, former ITV Champion James Drake began performing on preshow matches, as did Tracer X. Last month in Shelby, NC we saw several competitors including High Profile and Tyler Gaines look to add their name to that list as well. Joshua Cutshall made a statement last month attacking and abandoning his tag team partners in the PWX preshow match and through cryptic messages on social media Cutshall promised to introduce PWX to his 'REALity' at Enter the Dragon it was Georgia independent wrestling veteran Chris Mayne going one on one with Cutshall and both saw the opportunity that lay ahead of them with a victory. Cutshall imposed his will on Mayne and despite a great effort and impressive showing the unbalanced Joshua Cutshall made short work of Mayne with the "REALization" elbow. Cutshall is like nothing we've seen in PWX for quite some time, on the surface he seems to have more than one screw loose but don't dare ask him about that because he's just living HIS REALity! It'll be interesting to try and follow the thought process of a Cutshall and see just where his demented, damaged psyche leads him in PWX.



Pop Culture

  1. Lucha Pop Culture! - Former PWX tag team champion Jon Cruz returned next but with a different tag team partner by his side in Angel Rose. The Lucha World Order went two on two with PWX's human highlight reel Jason Cade and Veda Scott in a match that was a mile a minute and had the PWX faithful on the edge of their seats. It has been quite some time if ever that we've seen two stronger performances by women in a PWX ring than those of Angel Rose and Veda Scott at Enter the Dragon add to that the high flying, lightning quick antics of Cruz and Cade and you had a recipe for yet another potentially show stealing match. In the end all four competitors left Hickory having made their case to be serious contenders in the continually competitive tag team division but it was The Lucha World Order getting the win in spite of an unfortunate elbow dislocation to Angel Rose. This match was fun, hard hitting, and exciting to watch and we certainly hope to see Angel Rose make a full recovery and be back in a PWX ring at some point in the near future, the same goes for everyone involved in this matchup.



  1. Sins of The Syndicate- Like him or hate him, THE Tommy Thomas has a history of finding, recruiting, and managing his clients to success. A couple months ago upon reuniting with Elijah Evans IV, Evans won his first singles title in PWX and the group went on to bring in the longest reigning champion in the mid-Atlantic GOUGE Heavyweight Champion Timmy Lou Retton, the mountainous DeVan Knight and The Human T-Rex Montana Black. The success of the group since forming cannot be denied as the trio dealt PWX Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings their first ever loss at 'Ode to Tradition'. Wins and Losses aside the sheer destruction left by The Syndicate is becoming out of hand. Hours before Enter the Dragon the group hijacked the PWX social media accounts and resorted to menacing and threatening paying customers, later in the night they blindsided The Ugly Ducklings following a successful title defense. Like many of his past clients, the group is successful but something about this group of self-proclaimed "others" feels different, not only are they focused on dominating in the ring but The Syndicate are consumed with making themselves a focal point in PWX at any and all costs. Including them in this list (unlike the others) is less a superlative and more of THE Tommy Thomas, Elijah Evans IV, Timmy Lou Retton, and Devan Knight not giving me or anyone else the choice to ignore them any longer. The scary question is what will The Syndicate NOT do to ensure they stay on the forefront of everyone's minds?



Skyler Hollis

  1. One More Time- The dissention between former best friends and tag team partners John Skyler and Corey Hollis has been building for months with it all coming to a head following their hard fought loss in the PWX Tag Team Titles match at March's Rise of a Champion. At Enter the Dragon an old friend from both men's past reentered the picture as former ITV Champion Gunner tried to get the two to patch things up, but the attempt ended with Hollis manipulating Gunner into attacking Skyler and the two were set to face off ONE MORE TIME. Speculative reports have been swirling around all three men involved in this one for well over a year, not IF but WHEN they will each move on for big opportunities but it turns out this would be the possible last independent date for "The Modern Day Viking" and he and old friend (sometimes foe) John Skyler made it a memorable one. The Southern Savior and Gunner battled for over 20 minutes brawling around ringside, absorbing everything the other had to deal out all with Hollis barking orders from ringside. The result was a match of the night worthy performance and eventually a Skyler victory as the former two time PWX World Champion took advantage of Gunner's hesitation to do Hollis' bidding for the pinfall win. The story didn't end there however and it looks as though a resolution may be far down the road for the team formerly known as The Bruiserweights. Corey Hollis brow beat Gunner following the loss and as a result was powerbombed OUT OF HIS SHOES!! The Southern Savior and The Modern Day Viking shook hands in the ring to close out a wild ride between two local success stories destined for big things.




Ethan Case

  1. Welcome Home (Streamer) Party- Near the end of 2016 following an impressive showing that nearly left him a repeat X-16 winner and the only man to lay claim to that trophy Ethan Case suffered a sudden ankle injury and just like that "Mr. PWX" was stationed at the broadcast table during events instead of in his rightful place entertaining the PWX faithful in the middle of the ring. Case himself described it as the toughest four months of his life but 'The Sultan of Streamers' trained, rehabbed and all with one goal in mind.... to return to a PWX ring and at Enter the Dragon that moment came. The streamers rained down as the crowd chanted "EEEE-THAN CASE" it was one of the most memorable moments this year for Premiere Wrestling Xperience and following the hoopla of his return Ethan Case did what he does best, Put on a HELL of a tag team match alongside PWX World Champion Anthony Henry. Case and Henry came up short against the veteran team of ReDRagon but the crowd that waited four months and the performer that waited that same time (though it must've seemed like a year) had an amazing time watching four of the best at what they do. Following the match Case and Henry talked about how great it was to team together and Case genuinely thanked the crowd for the warm reception on his return. "Mr. PWX" is back and looks to better than ever, up next the friends stand on opposite sides of the ring with the biggest prize in PWX on the line. The return of Ethan Case was something special, the PWX World Championship is something he's been chasing for a year and a half now and on May 21st in Concord, North Carolina that dream is a reality if only he can do what he's never done before... BEAT ANTHONY HENRY.




WLB ad

Premiere Wrestling Xperience returns to Concord with 'What Lies Beneath' on Sunday May 21st with special guest WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long! Tickets ARE AVAILABLE now on the main page and ALL VIP ticket holders for the May event will get EXCLUSIVE access to the PWX/EVOLVE doubleheader coming up on Saturday July 8th!

Already Announced for What Lies Beneath:

PWX World Championship Match

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young (c) vs. Ethan Case

PWX Tag Team Championships Match

The Ugly Ducklings w/ Coach Mikey (c) vs. The Syndicate w/ THE Tommy Thomas

PWX Innovative Television Title Match

Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas (c) vs. James Drake

John Skyler vs. Jonathan Gresham

Corey Hollis vs. David Starr

White Mike vs. "Manscout" Jake Manning

Darius Lockhart vs. Tracer X



Jer Polk


PWX Wrestling


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