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Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments from 'What Lies Beneath'

Heightened Xperience: Top 5 Moments from 'What Lies Beneath'

 Syndicate Coronation


"Controversy" was the word of the night at What Lies Beneath as we saw one of the most chaotic ends to a main event in PWX history. Controversy isn't a consistent factor in Premiere Wrestling Xperience but standout performances are commonplace. Anyone on the roster can make this list on any given night and at What Lies Beneath with a big focus on the 'core roster' of PWX several of the best in the business once again vied for that 'Match of the Night' performance. Let's take a look at the top 5 moments that Heightened the Xperience in Concord, North Carolina.



  1. HIGH PROFILE coming out party- With a '1 on 1 match with The Undertaker' unlikely the best we could hope for from Guest General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long was one of his classic TAG TEAM Matches! While we actually did kind of get the former (If you haven't seen White Mike as The "UnderSTANKer" do yourself a favor and do so immediately) we did get a tag team match and that resulted in the introduction of two new "playas" in the PWX tag team division. PWX fans have seen Shea Shea McGrady and Will Demented once before on the PWX preshow and fans of Indy Wrestling in the Carolinas are familiar with the duo as well but this was the main show debut for the team known as High Profile and it couldn't have gone any better (well Shea Shea almost died but when does Shea Shea not almost die?) High Profile was #OVEREASY proving that's not just a tagline, the crowd erupted when Teddy Long announced them showering Shea Shea with "Happy Birthday" chants and The Waffle House Wonders gave back with an outstanding performance. I must give a nod here to their opponents Malakai Matthews and Ace Austin, though the two didn't quite see eye to eye they both proved they too have the skills to make an impact in PWX (Teddy Long even said as much) This was High Profile's night though as the two undersized, but scrappy men of the people sealed their main show debut with a victory following a very nice twisting senton from Will Demented (who shouldered the load when Shea Shea took a bad fall) The PWX faithful is ALL IN on High Profile and as a result we have another top contender in the tag team division.



  1. Save the best for last- On a night where the focus was to be on 'homegrown core roster' talent the goal was to highlight the best of the best in PWX two men wrote a final chapter in one of the best feuds this year and showed that their beginnings may be here in the Carolinas but they each have the chops to go much further. Tracer X and Darius Lockhart have competed this year in multi man matches, singles matches each trading victories and What Lies Beneath was the setting for a 'Final Confrontation' between two of the very best rising talents not only in the area, but in my humble opinion in the sport. The Revolutionary entered with a very smart game plan, to focus on the recently repaired mouth and jaw of Tracer and the young, savvy Lockhart executed that game plan to near perfection. The tenacious "Independent Variable" Tracer X took an exorbitant amount of punishment but willed himself back into the match several times and struck at the precise moment he needed to strike the final victory blow over Lockhart in a battle that may be remembered classically in PWX years from now. Tracer X had his hand raised in this one and while most may not agree with the 'moral victory' theory there were no losers in this match.



  1. What will it take? - Despite claims directly from "The Southern Savior" John Skyler refuting that there is an 'Elephant in the room' in PWX between he and former best friend and tag team partner Corey Hollis we once again had an incident at What Lies Beneath directly resulting from the animosity, jealousy or whatever motivating factor it is that drives the 2017 version of the 'Wild Eyed Southern Boy' Corey Hollis. It was a triumphant night for Hollis who avenged a loss to David Starr but Hollis didn't stop there as he tried to put Starr out of action for a long time until John Skyler intervened. Even after that situation was resolved Hollis remained at ringside yelling like a maniac as Skyler and Jonathan Gresham had a fantastic back and forth battle with the former 2 time PWX World Champ earning a big victory of his own right. As predictable as he is unstable Hollis rained on that victory parade as well savagely attacking Gresham as he left the ring. Hollis continued his tirade trying to bait Skyler into a fight but again (and I don't know how he does it) Skyler refused, the result was a direct message to Skyler from Hollis as he DDT'd Gresham on the unforgiving concrete floor. Tensions continue to grow between the two partners who competed on the highest level as one unit all across the world for the biggest companies in the business and I'm of the belief that sooner or later something has to give before someone gets seriously injured.


  1. SWX: Syndicate Wrestling Xperience- Ever since Elijah Evans IV reunited with THE Tommy Thomas and the two recruited "Mr. 500" Timmy Lou Retton and the monstrous man known simply as BOSS things have changed in Premiere Wrestling Xperience. For better or worse, whether you like it or not, The Syndicate has made their impression on EVERY SINGLE show since their formation. Evans shocked a lot of people when he won the Innovative Television Title (an honor that most betting men would've wagered Evans' former partner Ethan Case would achieve long before he did) With a little bit of power and a championship added to their repertoire The Syndicate became more brazen in their actions menacing fans prior to shows, attacking The Ugly Ducklings and James Drake anytime they felt like it and there didn't seem to be a damn thing anyone could do about it! Things changed even more at What Lies Beneath as Thomas' crew shocked the PWX fans once again defeating The Ugly Ducklings for a second consecutive time and taking their PWX tag team championships (and busting Lance Lude up internally) in the process. Shenanigans aside its clear The Syndicate is completely bought into their mantra "We Deserve It" the question is can anyone do anything to stop it?


  1. Controversy Creates??? Many answers have been given to complete this phrase with one of the most popular being cash but personally the controversy at What Lies Beneath following the main event PWX World Championship match created an intriguing feud between friends and produced one of the best main events in recent memory for the company. Defending Champion Anthony Henry and challenger Ethan Case, the only two men to win the annual X-16 tournament put on a hard hitting, sometimes jovial but very competitive match for the biggest prize in PWX. Despite some negative reaction initially to the close of the match, make no mistake about it.... Anthony Henry retained the Championship on this night but it was the PWX faithful who won! (special shoutout to the "iron ref' Kevin Pierce who refereed every match on the card and made a tough (and just) decision) A 2 out of 3 falls rematch between two of the best unsigned talents in the business is already scheduled for July 8th at 'This is How We Do It' and if you ask my opinion I'll take a 3rd and a 4th match between these two if things aren't decided there...They are THAT GOOD!



PWX debuts at Uptown Live in Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday July 8th for a 3 pm matinee show to be followed that evening by EVOLVE 88! See the stars of PWX, WWN, & EVOLVE on both shows that day. Tickets are available for This is How We Do It at www.pwxpro.com/live and for EVOLVE 88 at https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1491897-wwn-evolve-wrestling-present-charlotte/


Already Announced for 'This is How We Do It':

2 out of 3 Falls PWX World Championship Match

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young (c) vs. Ethan Case

"The Southern Savior" John Skyler vs. Timothy Thatcher

ITV Championship #1 Contenders Match

"The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart vs. Jason Cade vs. "The Crown Jewel" Chase Owens

Tracer X vs. Jason "The Gift" Kincaid

PWX Pure Rules Match

"The Governor" Martin Stone vs. Fred Yehi

A Special "Quickie" w/ White Mike featuring Corey Hollis

The Syndicate's Championship Coronation & an Ugly Duckling Tailgate Party!!!



Jer Polk


PWX Wrestling



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