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Battlefield X

Full Recap: Battlefield X


Things were a bit chaotic in and out of the ring as PWX geared up to present Battlefield X 2016. A rambunctious deer caused the Midwest crew of The Viking War Party, Gary Jay, and Davey Vega causing a couple of shakeups to the card but even with the always infamous 'Card Subject to Change' in effect Premiere Wrestling Xperience brought the action in the ring in their return to Hickory. New Champions crowned, The Revolt added a Revolutionary to their ranks, and four men gave the crowd just a taste of what's to come November 19th and 20th at X-16. Let's take a look at a full recap from Battlefield X.


 Battlefield X

Quick Results: Battlefield X


"Oh Deer!" an early morning accident prevented a crew from the Midwest from making their PWX debuts but Battlefield X still had its share of moments. Two big title changes and another successful defense for The Man Scout, The Revolt adds a Revolutionary, Original X-16 winner Ethan Case wins the X-16 showcase and The Lethal Lovers continued their campaign to be King and Queen of PWX. Let's take a look at quick results from Battlefield X in Hickory.


PWX Pure Preshow Match

Jacob Ryan, "White Meat" Tyler Gaines, Gil Quest, & TK Stark defeated E.N.D. (Zuka King & Boss), CB Suave, & Big Time Ya in 8 man tag team action


The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams)

Following their win Zane & Caleb said you haven't seen the last of them tonight and promised The Revolt was bigger than just the two of them.


"The Governor" Martin Stone defeated Corey Hollis via submission


'Mr. PWX" Ethan Case came out and said he and his fellow FULLY GIMMICKED ambassador Gary Jay were prepared to come out and tear it down at Battlefield X but three guys in the back were ready to come out here and tear it up also. Case was ready for a fight and the scheduled 3 way was turned into a 4-Way X-16 Showcase Match


Ethan Case defeated Jason Cade, Colby Corino, & Tracer x to win the X-16 Showcase


Mason Maddox w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated Darius Lockhart

As promised earlier, The Revolt hit the ring following the match and presented Maddox with a Revolt armband and embracing the youngest ITV Champion in PWX history as his talent representative Tommy Thomas looked on in disbelief. As Maddox celebrated with his new teammates he was ambushed by Darius Lockhart who claimed the armband (and the spot in The Revolt) for himself!


PWX Tag Team Championships Match

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey defeated The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lancelot) to become new PWX Tag Team Champions

Once again, Caleb Konley, Zane Riley and their newest recruit Darius Lockhart made an impact in this match which had a WILD finish. As Zane & Caleb brawled with The Ducklings and Bravados, Lockhart hit Harlem Bravado and Lance Lude with vicious chair shots. Colby Corino came to the aid of his partners, dispatching of Lockhart and putting Lude on top of Harlem as the hottest trio in professional wrestling won the gold.


Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Jon Davis w/ Simon Sez


PWX ITV Championship

"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake defeated Gunner to become the new ITV Champion


Trevor Lee defeated Jon Cruz via submission


PWX World Championship Match

"The Manscout" Jake Manning defeated Sami Callihan to retain the PWX World Championship


Be sure to visit the main page in the coming days and weeks for a full recap of Battlefield X, a new edition of 'Heightened Xperience' the latest info on the 2nd annual X-16 tournament as well as much more content.



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Mason and Tommy


If you are a frequent visitor to the PWX website (and I hope you all are) you may recall an editorial from nearly two months ago where I implored one of the most talented young athletes in indie wrestling to simply LISTEN TO TOMMY!! Mason Maddox is in the midst of a losing streak of epic proportions! Yes, I'm sad to say that since my first editorial, Maddox still has not had a victory and the toll is now over 6 months winless!! What are the reasons that Maddox just can't seem to get things on track? Well there are several, does he listen to Tommy? No, at least not fully but the losing streak of Mason Maddox is NOT Thomas' fault and here are my reasons why.

Editorial by Jer Polk


 Bloodied Ethan Case

A blood feud between former best friends and tag partners came to a violent conclusion, a match of the year candidate, three athletes took the next step to infamy in claiming their X-16 spots, The Ugly Ducklings survived their toughest challenge to date and "The Old Stags" were toppled by The Revolt. These are just a few of the highlights from PWX 'Redemption' in this edition of 'Heightened Xperience' we'll countdown the top 5 moments and get a fan perspective on what surpassed expectations at Redemption.




Tracer X (credit: John Moses)
Tracer X (credit: John Moses)


5 Questions: Tracer X



       Everyone has their favorite and least favorites in the world of professional wrestling and PWX is no different. PWX fans are loyal, fierce, outspoken and have no problem making it known how they feel about you as soon as you step through the curtain. One such talent has really come into his own in recent months, with a standout performance on a PWX Pure Preshow, and two straight victories in as many months. The latest victory earned him a coveted spot in November's X-16 Tournament! In' 5 Questions' we'll learn more about the members of the PWX Wrestling roster both inside and outside of the ring. So, THROW YOUR X UP!! This is 5 questions with Tracer X (Twitter: @TracerrrrrX)


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