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PWX Top 10 - March 2018

Premiere Wrestling Xperience Top 10 - March 2018

Ethan Case Champion

Ethan Case- PWX World Heavyweight Champion

1- Anthony Henry- After 399 days the World Heavyweight Championship reign of Anthony Henry came to an end at Rise of a Champion XIII. It was a grueling, hard hitting, and chaotic main event that capped off the anniversary super show and all three competitors showed exactly why they deserved that main event spot on the biggest show of the year but in the end Ethan Case pulled out the win dethroning The King and Queen of PWX. If history is any indicator, Henry will be looking for his rematch and our #2 ranked competitor this month may be looking for a rematch of his own but for now at least Anthony Henry finds himself in the unfamiliar position of being the hunter and not the hunted as he looks to regain the belt he carried and defended for nearly 400 days. 

2-"The New Age Enforcer" James Drake- The 3rd annual X-16 tournament winner was right in the middle of that main event war for the PWX World Heavyweight Championship on March 25th in Concord, North Carolina and the Shelby, North Carolina native nearly won the championship on a handful of occasions. Drake is still inarguably one of the very best in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and as noted above it has to be on his mind to try and be one of the first in line for a shot at brand new champion Ethan Case, especially considering Drake was not involved in the pinfall that ended the match at Rise of a Champion XIII. Drake will team with his on again off again tag team partner Anthony Henry at our next event 'School House Rock!' in Rock Hill, South Carolina but you can be sure Drake is not done in his pursuit of the PWX World Heavyweight Championship.

3- "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart- Aside from Ethan Case, no one had a better night at Rise of a Champion XIII than Darius Lockhart. The Revolutionary delivered a gutsy performance against "The International King of Swerve" Shane Strickland pulling out one of the most impressive wins of his young career and taking another step towards being a breakout star in 2018. Before the memorable match with Strickland began Lockhart sieged an impromptu rematch for the PWX Innovative Television Championship against Chip Day to open the show and just a few moments into the 13th anniversary super show Lockhart became a two time ITV Champion vanquishing the sneak attack loss of the title to Day from just a few months back. A title victory and a title defense for The Revolutionary at Rise of a Champion XIII has to go down as one of the best nights of his career and if you have  not yet seen Lockhart vs. Strickland from Rise of a Champion XIII do yourself a favor and check it out streaming NOW! on Highspots Wrestling Network.

4- "The Governor" Martin Stone- When you speak of big time performances you cannot forget this man, The StrongStyle Brit came into Rise of a Champion XIII with a huge opportunity but also with one of the stiffest tasks of the night in front of him. Stone outlasted five other men to secure himself the "Opportunity Knocks" contract ensuring him a shot at any PWX championship, anytime within the next 365 days. The contract makes Stone an immediate big player in PWX and all champions must now watch their backs as the European brawler can cash in on his new found chance whenever he decides to. Stone is an international star who competes for WWE NXT as well as several major promotions throughout the world but after the 13th anniversary supershow it seems as though The Governor has some serious business to attend to in PWX. 

5- PWX Tag Team Champions- The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) - You asked for it... YOU GOT IT! A public fan poll on the Official PWX Fans' Page decided that YES, tag teams will now be eligible for the monthly top 10 rankings at least until a monthly ranking system is put in place for tag teams and what better tag team to be the first to crack the rankings than Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude The Ugly Ducklings! Killjoy and Lude are currently enjoying their second reign as PWX Tag Team Champions and while they did not have a title defense at Rise of a Champion XIII, everyone's favorite "Quack Slingers" did team with "The Southern Savior" John Skyler to pick up a big six man tag team win over Corey Hollis' COUNTRY JACKED. Killjoy and Lude regained the tag team titles back on Night 1 of the 2018 X-16 tournament in a chaos filled 'Ducks, Ladders, & Chairs' match that saw bodies broken, tables broken and the reign of former champions The Syndicate broken in the end. The Ugly Ducklings followed up with a title defense over White Mike & "Manscout" Jake Manning at Battlefield X the following month before being recruited by Skyler to temporarily join his personal war against Corey Hollis.  While Killjoy and Lude are always swimming from pond to pond performing 3, 4, 5, sometimes 6 times a week they are never reluctant to defend the PWX tag team titles against any and all comers. Just how high can these Ducks fly in the monthly top 10 rankings?

6- "The Independent Variable" Tracer X- Tracer X has come a long way in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and parlayed that success into big time victories in some major promotions over the last year. On March 25th Tracer found himself in a genuine dream matchup with the far more experienced "M-Dogg" Matt Cross. With recent wins over "The Product" David Starr and advancing to the semifinals of the 2018 X-16 Tracer added another highlight win to his growing resume' at Rise of a Champion XIII. An early miscue resulting in a neck and shoulder injury threatened to take The Independent Variable completely out of the match nearly before it got started but Tracer showed tremendous resiliency and absorbed every bit of punishment his world traveled, LUCHA Underground opponent dished out. In the end, Tracer was able to collect himself and quickly put together a combination ending with an amazing 450 splash to pick up another big win and keep his momentum trending upward in PWX.

7- Elijah Evans IV- The perennial "runner-up" got the victory when it was needed at Rise of a Champion XIII though Elijah Evans IV had PLENTY of help in retaining his spot as the leader of The Syndicate which is a big reason despite victory he slips a few spots in this month's rankings. The leader of The Syndicate had his hands full with what he views as his underling Timmy Lou Retton and Timmy Lou easily could have defeated Elijah in this internal Syndicate battle but in the end it was Retton's former tag team partner BOSS turning on him, Montana Black providing assistance as well and special guest referee THE Tommy Thomas administering a fast count. So after coming up short at X-16 and Battlefield X, Elijah Evans IV and The Syndicate formulate a plan to get their leader back on the winning side of things and we will see what The new look Syndicate's next plan is and if they can now coexist better and get back to causing destruction the way they did late last year in PWX.

8- "Do or Die" Chip Day- The tables were turned on the 2 time Innovative Television Champion this past month at Rise of a Champion XIII. Day once again seized opportunity in kicking off the biggest show of the year with another "opportunity" for Shea Shea McGrady of High Profile but of course "Atlanta's Arrow" made a complete mockery of the opportunity blindsiding both Shea Shea and partner Will Demented with head kicks before a match could begin. One thing Chip Day didn't count on was "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart charging the ring and adding a second match to his schedule. Lockhart who feels he had the championship stolen from him made good on his promise and stole it right back in quick fashion. What will Chip Day do now? Where does he go from here? Something tells me the PWX ITV title picture is only just beginning to heat up and both these men will play a major part in that for the rest of the year.

9- "The Southern Savior" John Skyler- A former two time PWX World Heavyweight Champion and consistent performer in PWX, John Skyler is now focused on one thing and one thing only and that's to #BeatUpCoreyHollis For over a year now these two former best friends and globetrotting tag team partners have taken every opportunity to beat the hell out of one another and another chapter was written at the 13th anniversary supershow. The Southern Savior teamed up with PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings to take on Hollis' new COUNTRY JACKED in six man tag team action. This chapter ended up going in favor of Skyler but a brutal 3 on 1 post match attack alerted to the capacity crowd that this blood feud was not over. Before the end of Rise of a Champion XIII it was already signed, sealed and delivered that Skyler and Hollis would meet when PWX returns to Gastonia, North Carolina in an "I Quit" Steel Cage match!!! This match harkens back to the days of Tully Blanchard versus Magnum TA and the hatred between Skyler and Hollis is on an even playing field with those legends so this next battle is one you certainly do not want to miss.

10- White Mike- Undeniably one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster, White Mike has been finding his way a bit in Premiere Wrestling Xperience over the last few months and with that a partnership was formed between White MIke and former PWX World Champion "Manscout" Jake Manning. Manning wanted to get Mike focused, less silly and help him reach his full potential which it appears he did though probably not the way The Manscout intended. The duo picked up a big #1 contenders tag team win but after falling short in capturing the titles due to a miscue by White Mike, Manning refused any apology and a 1 on 1 match between the two short term partners was made for Rise of a Champion XIII. This was probably one of the biggest singles matches of Mike's career and "The Sultan of Stank” rose to the occasion pinning the former PWX World Champion!!!The loss could do wonders for the career of White MIke but what will not do him any favors is the brutal post-match attack from The Manscout who scolded the PWX faithful for cheering Mike and booing him after all he's given them. The density of this win is enough for Mike to crack the top 10 this month and we will see exactly what's next for this PWX favorite.

Just Missing out: Corey Hollis, "Built to Self Destruct" Billy Brash, Drew Adler

The Monthly Top 10 Rankings are compiled by PWX website Editor-In-Chief Jer Polk and DO NOT reflect the opinions of PWX management. I welcome your feedback on the rankings via twitter @The1andonlyJer Please feel free to let me know what I got right and who you think should be considered for a spot in future rankings. Rankings will be published monthly following PWX events.


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