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Ultimate Fan Guide: Rise of a Champion XII

Ultimate Fan Guide: Rise of a Champion XII


Sunday February 19th Premiere Wrestling Xperience celebrates an anniversary in Concord, North Carolina with their annual super show Rise of a Champion. PWX already kicked off the New Year with 'Road to Rise of a Champion' in Gastonia, North Carolina in January. Perennially, Rise of a Champion is the true kickoff to a brand new year of the best wrestling in the southeast. All of the major championships in PWX will be defended at Rise of a Champion XII in addition to those title matches there will be a first time ever dream match between two of pro wrestling's most notorious loose cannons as 'The Death Machine' Sami Callihan faces former WWE World Heavyweight Champion "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy! The event will also see the return of the brutal, dangerous, and exciting 'Opportunity Knocks' ladder match as well as a Queens of Combat Showcase match. In total, EIGHT big matches are scheduled for the 12th anniversary super show and in the past Rise of a Champion has never been short on lasting memories and surprises. VIP First & Second Row Tickets SOLD OUT at a record pace, but tickets are still available as Cabarrus Arena & Events Center has moved Rise of a Champion XII into the larger 20,000 square foot 'Gold Hall 1' building. Be sure to get your tickets on the main page and don't miss out on one of the hottest pro wrestling events of 2017!




The Line-up

Manning vs Henry

It was nearly seven months ago that the landscape of Premiere Wrestling Xperience changed and a man who had long been known as the hardest working, most underappreciated athlete in the building changed his fate. "Manscout" Jake Manning was known as a 'Job' guy, very talented in the ring (and outside of it) but those talents were mainly used for 'putting over' a who's who of professional wrestling, names like current WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Kevin Owens (f.k.a. Kevin Steen), to WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler. At 'Another Level' in Charlotte, North Carolina Manning put his career on the line for one shot at the PWX World Championship held by his bitter rival and former tag team partner "The Southern Savior" John Skyler. Manning survived a war and beat the odds to become the new measuring stick in Premiere Wrestling Xperience. On that same show, Anthony Henry competed in another in a string of high profile matches defeating former Ring of Honor World Champion and current WWE NXT Superstar Roderick Strong in a show stealing performance. Henry's star had been on the rise for quite some time and word of mouth was spreading about the 'next big thing' from Augusta, Georgia stealing shows in the Carolinas. Reunited with the other half of The Lethal Lovers Amber Young, Henry continued to ascend with the utimate goal of being PWX World Champion while knocking off some of the biggest names in independent wrestling on the way up. This past November Henry won the annual X-16 tournament and wasted no time in calling his shot for the biggest show of the year, Rise of a Champion XII. Everything Anthony Henry has been working towards can materialize on February 19th but the current Champion Jake Manning is growing comfortable in his new role in life and at Rise of a Champion XII two of the very best in PWX finally meet 1 on 1 for the right to call themselves the best.


Hardy vs Callihan

Two iconic figures and notorious loose cannons of professional wrestling collide in a first time ever dream match at Rise of a Champion XII. It all started with a declaration by 'The Space Cat' to begin the year, "New Year, New Callihan!” After making the decision to leave WWE NXT Sami Callihan (f.k.a. Solomon Crowe) returned to dominate the independent wrestling scene finding many homes along the way, one of those homes was in Premiere Wrestling Xperience. Callihan shocked a lot of people in May of 2016 when he won a blockbuster title vs. title match defeating John Skyler to become the PWX World Champion. An Ohio native, Callihan had claimed championships all over the world and now come to North Carolina and claimed the premiere championship in the state. Meanwhile a North Carolina native and fellow daredevil had experienced highs on a global scale that Callihan still hopes to attain before it's all said and done. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy began on the local independent scene and alongside his brother Matt rose to the top of WWE's tag team division before reaching the pinnacle of his career in 2009 as a two time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Two performers with similar energies in different eras never managed to cross paths with one another but watched one another's careers. Fast forward to 2017 and both are performing at their highest levels. A frustrated Callihan began the New Year with a determination to turn things around by issuing a simple open challenge for the 12th anniversary super show Rise of a Champion, a challenge to ANYONE and guess who answered? FINALLY the paths of 'The Death Machine' and "The Charismatic Enigma' (currently an Impact Wrestling tag team champion with his brother "Broken" Matt Hardy) crossed and Premiere Wrestling Xperience will host the collision of these two fiery, athletic, reckless performers on February 19th in Concord, North Carolina.



Ducklings vs Bruiserweights 

Ed E. Ruger

February 19th is not only an anniversary for Premiere Wrestling Xperience but also for its tag team champions, The Ugly Ducklings. it was at Rise of a Champion XI last year in Charlotte, North Carolina that Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, and Colby Corino came together out of the carnage of the first ever 'Opportunity Knocks' ladder match to form the hottest trio in professional wrestling. An integral part to their success, Coach Mikey Gulino was also in attendance at last year's event so when the duo of Ducks (Killjoy and Lude) lead by Coach Mikey come to Concord on February 19th they do so as PWX Tag Team Champions. The Ducklings have created a phenomenon based on being yourself, having fun and most importantly getting the job done enjoying tremendous success over the last year in tag team matches as well as trios matches scoring big victories over The Lucha World Order, The Carnies, and Oi4k. To celebrate one year together as a team the performer and creator of The Ugly Ducklings entrance theme, Ed E. Ruger will be in attendance with a live performance to get the PWX faithful on their feet as the tag champions make their way to the ring. Across that ring from them at Rise of a Champion XII will be the well-traveled and highly successful tag team of John Skyler and Corey Hollis, The Bruiserweights. Skyler and Hollis both PWX mainstays played a big part in last year's anniversary super show competing in the main event War Games "The Match Beyond". Since that epic encounter The Bruiserweights have appeared for all three major professional wrestling companies as a tag team (WWE, Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor) but recently some dissention has crept between the best friends and tag team partners. In mid-2016 Skyler made the decision to leave PWX and it seems as of late 2016 Hollis had his sights set on doing the same, Skyler did anything he could to motivate his friend but nothing seemed to work that was until January of 2017. The Bruiserweights relationship was still contentious but they managed to defeat The Revolt and Oi4k to earn a tag team title opportunity at Rise of a Champion XII. Following the match Skyler employed some tough love urging Hollis to not make the same mistakes he'd made and to continue doing things the way they always have. TOGETHER! Skyler and Hollis ended 'Road to Rise of a Champion' with a hug appearing to be on the same page for the first time in several months. Both men have shared in PWX tag team gold with other partners but it will be no easy task unseating the undefeated Ugly Ducklings on their PWX 'Duckiversary'.



Evans IV vs Drake

There may be no bigger breakout story in PWX from 2016 than that of "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake. After many years on the local independent scene Drake began his journey in PWX as part of the 'Pure' preshows quickly earning the notice of PWX management and becoming one of the PWX faithful's most popular attractions. The big, agile, hard hitting bruiser from Shelby, North Carolina turned in a number of impressive performances before finally dethroning former Impact Wrestling star Gunner to become the Innovative Television Champion. Drake has proudly defended the championship since October but at the end of 2016 infamous manager to the stars THE Tommy Thomas reunited with an old friend with one target in mind, the very ITV Championship held by The New Age Enforcer. Longtime fans of PWX are well aware of the history between Elijah Evans IV and THE Tommy Thomas; the two arrived in PWX together about six years ago and with Ethan Case quickly raised up the tag team ranks. Worst Case Scenario easily ranks amongst the best tag teams in PWX history but that all ended in 2016 with a bitter feud between Evans and Case that ended violently in September with Elijah completely disappearing from PWX for three months. In that time period, Thomas lost his only client on the PWX roster, James Drake continued to cement his place as a fighting ITV Champion and PWX wrapped up 2016 with 'Season's Delet-ings' a show held at the same site that will host Rise of a Champion XII. Following another successful title defense Drake was attacked by three masked men lead by the reunited pair of Elijah Evans IV and THE Tommy Thomas, it was a warning shot to The New Age Enforcer but things only got worse the following month at Road to Rise of a Champion. Once again, The ITV Champion had just survived a tough challenge from Timmy Lou Retton and the ring was surrounded by Thomas, Evans IV, TJ Boss and this time they were joined by "The Human T-Rex" Montana Black. The Guerilla Syndicate had landed in PWX and Retton was revealed to be involved as well. A post-match mugging ensued as Evans IV and THE Tommy Thomas looked on before stating their mission very clearly, the former PWX Tag Team Champion was back and he wanted the Innovative Television Championship. Even after being outnumbered and beaten down at Road to Rise of a Champion The New Age Enforcer rose to his feet, clung to his championship belt and met the challenge of Elijah Evans IV and The Guerilla Syndicate head on. This was one of the first matches officially signed for Rise of a Champion XII the Champion wants it, the challenger and his Talent representative THE Tommy Thomas want it and more importantly the fans want to see it. February 19th in Concord, North Carolina after two months of underhanded, blindside attacks it's all about meeting in the middle of the ring face to face with the better man leaving as iTV Champion.


Revolt! vs Carnies

Very few teams had a better year than Caleb Konley and Zane Riley, which is until they hit a snag last month at Road to Rise of a Champion which cost them a shot at the tag team championships on the biggest show of the year. One thing that never hits a snag is the mission and the journey that The Revolt has been on for several years now in PWX. Konley and Riley claim to be on a mission to take PWX back to what it once was, to stand up for each and every persecuted group of people in the world through their own style of getting things done. A lot has changed for The Revolt since last year's Rise of a Champion where they competed in War Games alongside 'Manscout' Jake Manning and The Bravado Brothers. Over the last year Konley and Riley have effectively cut ties with all three of those men having violent, blood feuds with Manning and The Bravados throughout 2016 while adding to their ranks with the like-minded 'Revolutionary' Darius Lockhart. Enter another team that made their PWX debuts in 2016, Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful (the former Team IOU) entered the New Year reborn and rebranded as The Carnies. Iggy and Awful have been of the most dominant, traditional and loyal tag teams on the scene for several years and The Carnies are looking to expand their brand of violence worldwide. The stage is set for two teams looking to take over the world and on February 19th in Concord, North Carolina one of these teams will take the first step towards advancing their agendas and expanding their brand.


Ladder Match

Opportunity is everything in professional wrestling, a lot of a time that opportunity comes with an equal amount of risk and that is the case with the annual 'Opportunity Knocks' ladder match at Rise of a Champion. Instituted last year, the match features five competitors battling to secure a clipboard hung high above the ring, attached to that clipboard is a contract entitling the holder to any match of their choosing. Last year’s Opportunity Knocks ladder match kicked off the anniversary super show and gave birth to the formation of The Ugly Ducklings, and one of those ducks is back for a second opportunity in this year's match. Colby Corino competed alongside Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude this past year rising to fame as one third of The Ugly Ducklings but when his partner captured the tag team championships Colby ended the year competing in more singles matches and was a part of the X-16 tournament this past November. The only veteran of this match, Colby could have the upper hand on his four opponents at Rise of a Champion XII. Speaking of veterans, there is another PWX veteran in this matchup as former tag team and ITV Champion Chip Day returns to PWX on February 19th looking to claim his opportunity. Though Day has never competed in this particular match he has competed and beaten some of the best PWX has to offer, Day feels he is still owed a shot at the ITV Championship a belt he helped make famous could the "James Dean of Professional Wrestling" use this opportunity to get that championship back or possibly ascend higher than he ever has in PWX before. Speaking of ascension and opportunity two names immediately comes to mind and both will be a part of the Opportunity Knocks ladder match. Tracer X and Darius Lockhart grabbed every opportunity they could in 2016; Tracer rose from the 'Pure' preshow earning a permanent spot on the main shows and having his best career year to date. Lockhart grabbed opportunity in the form of a partnership with The Revolt snatching the rare offer up for himself and sharpening his attitude as well as his in ring skills over the last year including a tour of the UK that really brought The Revolutionary to another level. The fifth man looking for the golden opportunity at Rise of a Champion XII has already created plenty of lasting moments over the last year including a daring leap from a ledge at Battlefield X and an innovative slam dunk hurraacanrana off of a basketball hoop just last month at Road to Rise of a Champion. Jason Cade always seems to find a way to make the highlight reel and in match that last year featured tables, ladders, chairs, and plenty of high flying, Cade may be right at home on February 19th. Opportunity abounds for each of these men at Rise of a Champion XII who will steal the show? And what will be the focus of their newly won and rare shot to choose any match of their desire.


Hendrix vs Yung

One constant among PWX and wrestling fans alike is the desire to see the very best women's wrestlers compete and a large majority of those ladies are part of the locally based Queens of Combat promotion. Queens of Combat gathers the very best female professional wrestlers to put on super shows of their own and at the 12th anniversary super show Rise of a Champion XII PWX and QOC will once again band together for a Queens of Combat Showcase match. Two of the most successful women in Queens of Combat and the only two ladies to hold the QOC Championship will battle once again in Concord, North Carolina as current champion Su Yung takes on Taeler Hendrix. Fans of Queens of Combat have seen Hendrix and Young take on and defeat top notch competition over the last four years and it was Hendrix who set the bar in June of 2015 becoming the inaugural champion defeating any and all challengers to her crown until this past November at QOC 16 when Yung defeated Hendrix to win the championship in a memorable battle between these two top stars. The stage is set for a rematch as Hendrix looks to reach another goal in becoming the two time champion.


Martin Stone

2016 saw an influx of international talent as Premiere Wrestling Xperience expanded its global profile, PWG World Champion Zack Sabre Jr, ROH Television Champion Marty Scurll, Australian 'Loose Ledge' Adam Brooks, and Big Japan's Kota Sekifuda all competed in a PWX ring over the last year. One international talent who competed in PWX found a home with the promotion as former WWE NXT Superstar Martin Stone (f.k.a. Danny Burch) competed regularly over the past year bringing his World of Combat style to PWX. Stone battled the very best in the company while still holding Championships in Georgia and Florida and Stone was recently called back by World Wrestling Entertainment to be a part of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament and now the international superstar returns to his home away from home at the 12th anniversary super show. It isn't yet known who will step up to face Stone or what his business exactly is at Rise of a Champion XII but "The Governor" is always focused on being the very best and whomever opposes him on February 19th should be ready to do the same.


Historical Moments from Rise of a Champion

- Current WWE 205 Live Competitor and former WWE Tag and Cruiserweight Champion "THE" Brian Kendrick was part of the very first Rise of a Champion show in Gibsonville, North Carolina.

-Rise of a Champion VII was a two night event with the second night emanating from York, South Carolina featuring a double main event which saw PWX Heavyweight Champion Rhett Titus defeat Roderick Strong and The Briscoes defeated Team 7OH!4 (Cedric Alexander & Caleb Konley) in a raucous $500 bounty tag team war.

-Current Impact Wrestling superstar and North Carolina Native Andrew Everett, then known as Chiva Kid was unmasked by Corey Hollis at Rise of a Champion XIII. The Chop Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina also played host to one of the greatest PWX Championship matches of all time at the 8th anniversary show which saw Caleb Konley defeat then PWX Champion Adam Cole in two straight falls of a 2 out of 3 falls match to become the first person to hold the PWX Championship on two different occasions.

-Rise of a Champion XI played host to another chapter in a bitter feud between John Skyler and Jake Manning in a brutal "I Quit" Match on night 1 while night 2 hosted PWX Champion Caleb Konley versus WrestleCade Champion Matt Hardy ending in a chaotic no contest.

-The long awaited arrival of Matt and Nick Jackson took place at the 10th anniversary super show. The Young Bucks were part of a triple threat tag team championship match in which Country Jacked (Adam Page & Corey Hollis) retained; the match also featured Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas)

-Just last year at Rise of a Champion XI PWX brought back the double cage, two ring "Match Beyond" known as War Games in a main event that featured The Revolt vs. The Xperience w/ Steve Corino. "The King of Old School" also found himself on the receiving end of a chop from special guest and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in a very memorable moment. Also a part of last year's show was a match many gave Match of the Year consideration as Cedric Alexander defeated Chris Hero in a tremendous contest.


Venue, Ticket, & Event Information

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is located at 4751 NC-49 Concord, North Carolina 28025

The Event takes place on Sunday February 19th in the larger (20,000 sq. ft.) Gold Hall Venue to your left as you enter through the front doors.


VIP Ticket Holders will be admitted at 2:30 pm, Doors for General Admission Ticket Holders open at 3:30 pm and Belltime for Rise of a Champion XII begins at 4:00 pm

First & Second & Third Row VIP tickets ARE SOLD OUT, limited 4th and 5th row seating as well as other general admission seats remain. Ticket sales have surpassed all other previous presales so ensure you don't miss out by purchasing your tickets now at the link below. PWX also has a limited number of historically low priced Family 4-Packs available for a limited time. Those who are in attendance at Rise of a Champion XII WILL GET EXCLUSIVE FIRST PRESALE CODE FOR THE MARCH SHOW! Presale tickets end at 10 a.m. on February 19th and any and all remaining tickets will be available at the door.

Purchase tickets for Rise of a Champion XII NOW! https://www.pwxpro.com/live or https://roc12.bpt.me

- Fans with special needs (wheelchairs, large groups, etc.) please call us on our toll free number 855-PWX-FANS or ask for assistance at the door

-Talent may charge additional fees for autographs and photo ops.

- Use of any video recording devices not permitted, however photographs ARE encouraged from your seat.

**Card Subject to Change, No refunds***

Should an event be postponed, tickets will be honored at rescheduled date.

Should an event be cancelled, ticket holder will receive a full refund.

 ROC 12 Seating


Social Media

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