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Ultimate Fan Guide: Rise of A Champion XIII

Ultimate Fan Guide: Rise of a Champion XIII

ROCXIII poster

The first two months of 2018 for Premiere Wrestling Xperience have played host to some of the most memorable shows in our history and it's all leading up to March 25 in Concord, North Carolina and our 13th anniversary super show headlined by a "home grown" triple threat main event as the PWX World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Henry defends against 2018 X-16 Winner "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake and The 1st ever Battlefield X Rumble winner "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case! No PWX show is one you should miss but if you are going to skip one try and make sure it's NOT Rise of a Champion XIII!! Let's take a look at the full lineup of top talent that will be in Concord with us, and YOU the PWX faithful on March 25th to celebrate 13 years of XPERIENCE!!!



It was one year ago at our 12th anniversary super show that Anthony Henry and Amber Young ascended to their thrones as the King and Queen of PWX. Henry defeated champion "Manscout" Jake Manning to cap off an impressive run and complete his turn as one THE very best independent wrestlers in the world. Henry has had many successful defenses in PWX over this last year but also picked up some gold in EVOLVE winning the tag team championships with one of the men who will try to take his PWX Championship at ROCXIII, "The New Age Enforcer" James Drake! Drake seems to be in an almost identical position to where Henry was at this time last year, he's proven that he can hang with the very best in the business, won championships in major companies and outlasted fifteen other men to win this year's X-16 tournament but just as Drake and Henry have a close relationship, the third element in this main event matchup is no stranger to either man. "Mr. PWX" Ethan Case said a solemn goodbye to PWX fans towards the end of 2017 and for the first time ever didn't compete in X-16 (a tournament he won in its first year and made the finals in it's second) but last month in the first ever Battlefield X Rumble after many surprises from PWX past #27 hit and Ethan Case returned home!! Case then put on an exceptional performance and earned himself the right to compete for a title that he's been so close to winning time and time again. ONE more time! This homegrown triple threat match is one that each participant should be very proud of and that fans around the Carolinas should also take pride in because 3 of "our guys" are going to battle it out for the PWX Championship on March 25th in Concord, North Carolina but which of these big time talents will be celebrating to end Rise of a Champion?


 ROCXIII 6 man

John Skyler and Corey Hollis. Former Best Friends. Now Bitter Enemies. For nearly one year now these two men who traveled together, appeared on national television together and were inseparable best friends in a business where it's hard to make TRUE FRIENDS have taken every opportunity to absolutely beat the hell out of one another. Corey Hollis vs. John Skyler was recognized by the Carolinas' Professional Wrestling Awards as feud of the year but Hollis and Skyler are on record as saying this is the "feud of the decade". It all started at last year's Rise of a Champion following a tough loss in an excellent tag team titles match things boiled over between the two former friends and it's all been downhill from there. Hollis and Skyler beat each other all over Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in an UNSANCTIONED street fight which saw the return of Corey Hollis' Country Jacked. Georgia and South Carolina standouts respectively Gunner Miller and Brady Pierce make formidable "backup" for Hollis and the duo will join their leader for their first match together at this year's event. Skyler's road to finding tag team partners is a bit different... Remember that tag team titles match mentioned earlier from last year's Rise of a Champion? It was a loss to The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) that pushed this feud over the edge but after Hollis striking Skyler's girlfriend Katie at X-16 this has gotten very personal for John Skyler and he'll do anything to get his hands on Corey Hollis one more time so opponents turn into partners as Skyler will team with the PWX Tag Team Champions Killjoy and Lude to combat Country Jacked in what should be a wild continuation of the hottest feud the Carolinas has seen in many years.


 Tracer X vs MAtt Cross

On a night as big as our 13th anniversary super show any match at any time could "steal the show" but a lot of fans are placing odds on this match doing exactly that. Very few have had a better year than Tracer X who is poised to breakout as a mega star not only in the Carolinas but everywhere. Tracer continues to put on outstanding performances but the results aren't always what he'd prefer especially in high profile matches like the one with Jason Kincaid late last year and Tracer was an odds on favorite for X-16 this year but fell a bit short so ROCXIII presents a tremendous opportunity for Tracer to get that marquee win and get his name out there even more than he has this past 12 months. Opposing Tracer X is a man that PWX fans have been clamoring to be booked on a show for quite some time, an international sensation as well as a Lucha Underground star MATT CROSS!!! Cross' credentials speak for themselves as he has been one of the most exciting independent stars on the scene for many years but as he debuts in a new market for Premiere Wrestling Xperience you can be sure he's not taking Tracer X lightly and is looking for an impactful victory to get his foot in the door at PWX. One thing remains constant with this matchup between two athletic, high flyers the fans win either way with this matchup.


 ROCXIII ladder match

One of the more popular traditions at Rise of a Champion, the "Opportunity Knocks" ladder match returns this year as six men will battle for a guaranteed shot at any PWX Championship they choose for up to one year.  In January last year's winner "Do or Die" Chip Day picked his most opportune moment to cash in his contract and now holds the ITV Championship so this match can truly change someone's career and put them on the fast track to be a major player in PWX. Competing this year will be six athletes with varying degrees of experience but all having the same desire, heart, and goal... to climb that ladder and secure the Opportunity Knocks contract. "Built to self-destruct" Billy Brash has reentered PWX with a brand new attitude and a toned physique which is bad news for his opponents, this former 2 time ITV Champion would love another shot at PWX Gold, Jason Cade provided PWX with many great highlights over the last year and a half and after a brief absence Cade returns and this high flying daredevil may be the odds on favorite seeing as this match will be at his pace. Ian Maxwell gets a fantastic opportunity here after an excellent performance on the preshow before Battlefield X, should Maxwell grab the contract on March 25th it could be his career that rises "Fast as Hell" to the top. Two standouts from the Peach State of Georgia have found a home it seems with PWX, "The Top Tier Athlete" Drew Adler is perhaps the biggest man in the match this year and will undoubtedly use that size to his advantage, then we have "The Weapon of Sass Destruction" EFFY who is a fan favorite with a wild side and with victories in ladder matches to his credit already you never quite know how far EFFY is willing to go to get that contract. Rounding out the field of competitors this year is International Star "The Governor" Martin Stone, Stone has taken on the very best in PWX with his European catch as catch can style and Stone is only looking for that one big win that could put him in position to elevate himself to the top of PWX.


 Lockhart vs Strickland

Another star from The Lucha Underground returns to PWX at Rise of a Champion XIII as "Swerve" Shane Strickland makes his return for the first time in over a year. Strickland has appeared a few times a year for several years and is unofficially part of the PWX Family but waiting for him at this year's anniversary super show is someone who is OFFICALLY PWX and officially a crowd favorite in "The Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart. Lockhart was on the receiving end Chip Day's "Opportunity Knocks" cash in at X-16 this year, having just fought to a hard time limit draw with "Hot Fire" Myron Reed; Lockhart was robbed of his ITV Championship and ever since The Revolutionary has been laser focused on settling the score with Day. Lockhart's intense and athletic performances are leading him a different direction at this year's Rise of a Champion as Lockhart starts to make more of a name for himself some of the bigger names in indy wrestling are stepping up to challenge a guy who could very well be the future in the Carolinas and beyond. Lockhart earned a great win last month over the very talented Maxwell Jacob Friedman but on March 25th he may face his toughest test to date in Strickland. This is yet another match that could steal the show and certainly one you don't want to miss!


Chippy 2 belts 

Photo Credit: John Moses Photography


While there are plenty of blockbuster matches planned for the 13th anniversary supershow one member of the PWX roster enters the event with a blank slate... SUPREME CONFIDENCE and A POINT TO PROVE but still as of now a blank slate. Innovative Television Champion "Do or Die" Chip Day has been a part of the PWX family for many years and Day has gone on record several times saying PWX has not given him what he is owed so at X-16 Chip arrived with a new attitude and took the championship from Darius Lockhart. Ever since that heated title change many fans have called for Day to give Lockhart a proper 1 on 1 rematch for the title but Day persists that Darius go to "the end of the line" and work his way back up. The winner of last year's "Opportunity Knocks" Ladder Match already has some memorable moments in PWX and Rise of a Champion history but who will step up to try and halt the momentum of "Atlanta's Arrow" on March 25th?


 ROCXIII Syndicate

This is the most unique matchup on this year's anniversary supershow without a doubt. 2017 saw the rise of a faction known as The Syndicate, banded together by THE Tommy Thomas, led by Elijah Evans IV and including Wrestling's only Olympic Gold Medalist Timmy Lou Retton, and two certified monsters in BOSS and Montana Black. The Syndicate quickly made a name for themselves taking over entire PWX shows, being arrested while showing up at when suspended and generally doing whatever they wanted when they wanted all because according to them they DESERVE it. Retton and BOSS formed a formidable tag team that dealt The Ugly Ducklings their only tag team losses in a PWX ring and the pair enjoyed a nice run with the tag team championships which ended at X-16 in a brutal "Ducks, Ladders, & Chairs" match that saw BOSS suffer a catastrophic injury that keeps him out of action to this day. The man who would step up to "lead" The Syndicate Elijah Evans IV has taken his singles career to new heights in the past year but always seems to be one step away from victory. It was in January at X-16 that Evans advanced to the finals before ultimately losing to eventual tournament winner and bitter rival James Drake, and then one month later The Syndicate head honcho found himself amongst the last two men in the first ever Battlefield X Battle Royale but again was outlasted by another bitter rival in his former tag team partner Ethan Case. As the losses built up so did the frustration within The Syndicate and now the man who brought the group together THE Tommy Thomas has made a match to as he put it "settle all Syndicate disputes internally" Thomas himself will referee the match and the rules are simple. Elijah Evans IV vs. Timmy Lou Retton, Syndicate Member vs. Syndicate Member and in the end the winner will continue with the group and the loser will be cast out. Can Evans get past the "runner-up" position or will he lose his spot in HIS group? Will Timmy Lou also be the new leader of the group should he win? Rise of a Champion XIII certainly will have big repercussions on the group.


 Tessa vs Su

The Women of PWX take center stage on March 25th as a 3rd generation horsewoman Tessa Blanchard returns home to face a bitter rival in the crazy, maniacal and very talented Su Yung! It has been awhile since we've seen either of these ladies in action in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and fans of independent wrestling across the country know anytime these two step into the ring it's going to be a fight and with that fight being another chapter in the war against one another the fans are in for something special at Rise of a Champion XIII. Tessa will be performing in front of her legendary step father Magnum T.A. who will be in the building for a very special meet & greet photo opportunity and with this being her return to her hometown after much success in Florida as well as nationally with many different companies; Ms. Blanchard will certainly have victory on her mind. Su Yung never shies from a fight or a downright brawl and as one of the top rising women in the business today Su will be looking to play spoiler to Tessa's homecoming in Concord on March 25th.



 Jake vs White Mike

Most PWX fans like White Mike just the way he is. Long List of Naughty Nicknames, Exuberant ring entrance, bravado and all! Let's be honest, most PWX fans LOVE White Mike exactly as he is but over the last 8 months one person disagrees with them. Former PWX World Champion "Manscout" Jake Manning began by approaching Mike at a show and offering to take him on as a tag partner and the duo had moderate success even earning a tag team titles shot but the two always had underlying animosity and at different times Manning's frustrations with White Mike boiled over. Last month at Battlefield X Mike made a miscue which cost he and Jake the tag team championships and an immediately remorseful White Mike apologized but that seemed to be the deal breaker for The Manscout who left the ring without resolving things with his partner. It seems the former PWX World Champion has decided to take a different tact in teaching White Mike a lesson as the two former partners will go 1 on 1 at Rise of a Champion XIII.


Special Meet & Greet Photo Op Sessions

Magnum TATommy Young


In addition to the amazing slate of matches set for March 25th at our 13th anniversary supershow Premiere Wrestling Xperience and The Crockett Foundation have partnered Xperience Tradition' with two meet and greets featuring well known superstars of the National Wrestling Alliance's golden years. Legendary NWA Referee Tommy Young and former multi time champion Magnum T.A. will be on hand to greet fans, take photos and sign autographs. If you're a fan between the ages of 10 and 70 come out and relive a night with icons from your childhood or introduce your children or grandchildren to this special meet and greet and let them see how PWX honors the past and celebrates the future at our shows.



Event Info

ROC13 main

Rise of a Champion XIII will take place Sunday March 25 at Cabarrus Arena & Events Center- Gold Hall B it is located at 4751 NC 49 Concord, North Carolina 28025. Doors will open at 2:00 pm and bell time is at 3:00 pm. Tickets are moving fast but if you want to GUARANTEE your seat at one of the biggest shows of the year visit the main page of our website at www.pwxpro.com Remaining tickets will be sold at the door the day of the event with limited availability.





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