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War Games: A History of Violence

 Wargames Cage

       WWE's Elimination Chamber, Impact Wrestling's Lethal Lockdown, CZW's Cage of Death, and Ring of Honor's Steel Cage Warfare; All of these are varying degrees of violence filled steel cage matches marred with complete and total violence, but the original which spurned all of these great matches came in 1987 developed by the late, great "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and first produced at The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia that match is WAR GAMES! Great American Bash 1987 was the setting for one of the most grueling matches in the history of this sport; a match has pushed the best of the best to the very edge. War Games generally consists of two teams with either four or five members competing in two rings placed side by side encapsulated by a monstrous double cage, members of each team enter the match at varying times and only once every single competitor has entered the steel structure does "The Match Beyond" truly begin. At the point all members of both teams are entered into the match the action can only be stopped when forcing one of your opponents to submit, surrender or be no longer fit to continue the match pin falls and disqualifications have no implication inside the double cage. The list of men who have put it all on the line in War Games is a literal who's who of the wrestling world.

      The Four Horsemen, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, The Dangerous Alliance, Sting, The Rock N' Roll Express, The Midnight Express, The Fabulous Freebirds, The nWo and many more have all signed up for The Match Beyond and there have been more than a few legitimate injuries suffered in the ultraviolent affair. Brian Pillman was knocked out after two horrible powerbombs at the hands of Sid Vicious, and James J. Dillon suffered an arm injury after taking the Doomsday Device from The Road Warriors in the very first War Games match. Many have their own opinions of the greatest War Games match, team or moment in history one longtime fan commented "The original War Games matches were epic. Anytime you get the Four Horsemen against the biggest babyfaces you are going to get some good stuff. That said, you can't leave out Sting's Squadron taking on the Dangerous Alliance." Another fan commented that "Arn Anderson WAS War Games and it's so memorable how he busted through the cage door each year his number was called".

       As noted at the beginning of this feature many iterations of the War Games match have been attempted in the last 30 years and this Sunday it makes its return to "Crockett Country" as the two rings and massive double cage structure will be erected at Johnson C Smith University's Brayboy Gym for Rise of a Champion XI. For months now there has been a power struggle between two warring factions in PWX, The Xperience and The Revolt and there is only one way to settle things between the two. The return of The Match Beyond will see PWX World Champion "The Southern Savior" John Skyler, Tag Team Champions Country Jacked (Adam Page and Corey Hollis), ITV Champion "The Modern Day Viking" Gunner, and "The Enforcer" CW Anderson lead to the ring (much like his predecessors JJ Dillon, Paul Ellering, and Jim Cornette) by "The King of Old School" Steve Corino. Opposing the team with all the gold in PWX will be The Revolt, Caleb Konley, "Man Scout" Jake Manning, Zane Riley, and Harlem & Lancelot (The Bravado Brothers). As is the case with previous years there is PLENTY of history between all these men and even more unfinished business to be settled THIS SUNDAY. Get your tickets on the main page to be a part of Rise of a Champion XI: War Games yourself or follow me on twitter @The1andonlyJer if you're unable to be there I'll have all the action LIVE! One thing is for sure when the unforgiving double cage goes up there is no turning back and the violence will once again be unleashed in Charlotte on March 13th!

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